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Book Blog Bonanza 10/12/10

October 12, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!


Today, FIVE lucky winners will receive a two-book prize pack consisting of both Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings AND Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me.




Commenter: Lisa

My sewing has inspired my friends to start sewing, which is so fun!! They are now taking classes!!! It is fun to see what everyone else comes up with all by using the same set of skills. I love being able to bounce ideas off of my friends and knowing that you can always go to them for ideas on how to make things better. Anna Maria has the cutest baby ideas, I love her books!!

Commenter: becky

I don't sew socially, but it sounds like fun. Mostly, I sew when my kids are sleeping!

Commenter: Meliah Ross

I love sewing and have a few friends who do also we post on FB our acccomplishments and call each other regularly about what we are making. I think the best thing I have learned about sewing is always remember that if you mess us there is a seam ripper within reach.No one is perfect it just takes tons and tons of practice.:)

Commenter: Tonya

I wish I had friends that sew! I have to do all my crafty chatting online. Would be nice to find a group of sewers to hang out with. I'm still a beginning sewer so can use all the help I can get.

Commenter: lisab123

Sewing sometimes seems to be a thing of the past. most of my friends say things like, "YOU Sew??". I love sewing though and will continue to do it for as long as I can. I actually made my first sewing machine when I was around 8 years old by putting together a few old ones that were left at a house we moved into. It was ugly to say the least but it sewed for about ten years so I cant complain. My grandmother was a sewer and she showed me many things. No I don't have any friends that sew and my grandmother has long past. but my children are trying to learn so that excites me.


Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question: Do you have friends who sew? Do you get together to sew socially?

The deadline for entries is today, October 12, 2010 at MIDNIGHT ET.

Winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Tuesday, October 13, 2010.

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I have no friends who sew! Bums me out. Also makes me the go-to person in my social circle for EVERYTHING that a person might need sewn.

I do have some friends that sew, but I don't think we'd get much work done if we got together to do it. "Adult time" is a rarity and think we'd spend the whole time chatting.

Unfortunately I do not yet have any friends who sew, but I am hoping to meet some in my new town!

Purses are easy and fun to make, and they use fun print scrapes easily.

I too dont have friends that sew so I also am the go to person for alterations hemming etc. Utility sewing which gets boring. You have to admit it isnt creative lol

I don't have friends who get together to sew. One of my friends is an interior designer who loves to work with textiles. She inspired me to make slip covers for two of my chairs. Some of my friends are quilters who meet regularly to share and sew, but I have not joined that group.

Nope, no friends who sew. :( Wish they did because I sure could use more of a social life even though the majority of my hobbies are stuff you'd do at home, like sewing. Oh well!

I have friends who sew, but they are all cyber friends, so we can't ever get together! :-( I guess my favorite, or least favorite, stitching tale would be my experience with trying to learn how to do free-motion quilting this past weekend. The front looked wonderful, but wow, turn that fabric over and EEK! It was awful! I took me forever to tweak my sewing machine so the tension was correct and everything. Turns out, if I had just looked at my instruction manual first, I wouldn't have had a single problem! lol Oh well.....live and learn. ;-)

My sewing has inspired my friends to start sewing, which is so fun!! They are now taking classes!!! It is fun to see what everyone else comes up with all by using the same set of skills. I love being able to bounce ideas off of my friends and knowing that you can always go to them for ideas on how to make things better. Anna Maria has the cutest baby ideas, I love her books!!

I have a couple of friends who sew. We don't really get together physically to sew, but we're always chatting about our current projects and sharing tips and fun new projects with each other.

Yes! I have a few friends that sew! Unfortunatley we have yet to set our first date for a Sew-a-thon, but we are talking about it! We give each other tips and ideas all the time via facebook, phonecalls, and text messages! Haveing friends that sew can be one of your greatest assets!
Pick me!

I dont have any one to sew with either. I have a quilting teacher who I go to classes but no one else to sew with.

I do have friends who sew, but most of them are blog world friends. My mother-in-law is my only real life friend who sews, and we don't sew together, but every time she comes over we share projects we're working on and ideas.

I don't have any friends who sew, I hope to meet my sister's sewing friend soon.

I have a lot of friends who sew. When our scheduals allow we do get together and sew. Often I am called upon to consult for a difficult project. Since I LOVE to costume I do a TON of consulting for Halloween!

I get together with my sisters mother-in-law to sew on the weekends! We have tea and scones and sew all day!!! We are making kits to sew stockings and having a party to make them!!! I am so excited!!!!

My favorite night of the week is Tuesday when I get together with my sewing friends and share ideas and chit chat all evening !

I don't have any friends that sew, at least not that I know of! It would be nice, though.

I love sewing!!!! I wish I had more time with two little kids it gets hard but we are making Halloween wall hangings and Christmas countdown calendar. My kids love to create and my daughter loves to sit and help me sew...

I only have one friend that lives close that sews, and we haven't had much of an opportunity to get together and sew, unfortunately. I love the idea, however. My mother and I used to sew together quite often when I lived closer, though that's hard now that I live in another state. I am looking forward to when my daughter gets old enough to sew with me. I hope we'll have as much fun as my mother and I did.

Well, I was very lucky. About two years ago I started taking lessons with a designer in my neighborhood and we became good friends. These days she considers me "advanced" and I recently worked with her on her collection for spring 2011. We had sooo much fun working together in her studio. It definitely takes some of the tedium out of sewing for hours by yourself! It was a blast.

BTW I would LOVEEEE the book handmade beginnings. I started off designing dresses, but I'm 7 months preggers and I'm working on things for the babies room. Quilting fabric is my new obsession! :D

The only friends that I have that still sew are my internet friends. I so enjoy the blogs and groups for this reason. Many people my age learned to sew at some point but no longer do so. I did not sew for many years but after retiring have gotten back into sewing and purchased a new sewing machine, embroidery machine and serger. I enjoy sewing for my grandbaby who lives with us but do not have a lot of time as I not only keep her around the clock but also our daughter's 8 week old during the day. I love reading about sewing and collecting ideas for the day when I will have plenty of time.

My mother sews, so when I need help with my quilts I always turn to her for help.

I'm in the same position as most of the other posters. I am the go-to person when a friend needs their pants hemmed, their buttons re-sewn, their shirts repaired. But I'm also the person who gives awesome handmade gifts!

I like to win prizes, especially when it's two!!

I have friends who sew, but they're mostly quilters. I hope to learn to quilt someday, but for now, I sew for babies and toddlers. I have some things in a consignment shop. I'd love some new ideas from these books.

I am part a quilt guild that has Sewing Saturdays once a month. It is great to see what others are working on and get advice on projects. Our group has very talented people always willing to share their knowledge.

I'm a knitter and a quilter. I haven't really sewn or quilted in the past year but I've always admired Anna Maria's fabrics. I'm also happy that you guys started selling yarn! yay!

Not too many of my friends sew. My sister-in-law (who is also my friend) is learning to sew & luvs it! I help her whenever I can & we both have fun!

I joined a quilt guild and now I have friends that sew! We get together and sew quilts for Project Linus and we go on a retreat in January as a group. It is refreshing and and inspirational to be around people that share a love for fabric and threads!

I don't have friends IRL who sew. I have to connect and commiserate online. I generally browse the library for new ideas and instructions if I'm stuck.

I have a few friends that sew. We do a boutique together every November. We all sew different things so it is fun to see what everyone makes.

I have a couple of friends who sew locally so when we get together we do talk about sewing problems and how to work through them. and of course we both like quilting so between us have a lot of quilting patterns and talk about what blocks we like sewing and which ones really give us headaches.

wash your fabric before you sew!

I do have a few friend who sew but the only person I seem to sew with is my mother. I have talked about a sewing date (or craftcation) with a couple of my girlfriends, we just need to set it up.

My love of sewing was passed on to me by my Grandma Ray. I would spend vacations with her and we always sewed something whether it be clothes or something else. She was my hero and I hope some day to be able to pass on my knowledge of sewing to my grandchild (a few years down the road *LOL*)

I wish I did have friends that sew. It would be great to all get together and sew for Christmas or what ever.

Love your site and have introduce family members to it. Whenever there is a special occasion we get together to see projects like Wedding dress, bridesmades dresses, prom and even halloween costumes. I am now teaching my neices to sew so the sewing circle continues to grow!!

I am about the only sewer I know and everyone comes to me for alterations, etc. I really don't mind. It surprises me that so few women are into sewing now.

I am just learning to sew. I have a couple of friends who sew and we usually have a sew day once a month, it great, I am learning so much!

The closest I have to a "crafty create night" would be a monthly embroidery group meeting and an annual Dia de los Muertos where a bunch of folks get together to make most everything for the celebration.

I would love to take this have cocktails while you make a painting craze shift over to a anything crafty one.

My sister-in-law LOVES to sew and she was my inspiration to start sewing things for my children. We have yet to sew together, but we have made a few trips to the fabric store together! We bounce ideas off each other and my sewing projects seem to turn out nicer with her input :o)

I don't sew socially, but it sounds like fun. Mostly, I sew when my kids are sleeping!

These look like such good books. Thanks for offering them. I love to sew, and have a few friends that sew as well, however, I've never been part of a sewing group. It sounds like a fun thing to do - maybe one day.

Yes I have friends that sew and quilt. We get together 2 times each month to do show and tell and talk and share. It is a quilt club named Lakeside Quilters. It's GREAT fun!!

i'm still new at sewing but i love it! i love looking at booksk and seeing what new tips and tricks they can offer me!!

I have some friends that sew, but none that really live near me! We do talk about projects, but that's about it. I did take some sewing classes that turned into open sewing nights, which was good, because it was great to have someone to talk about projects/problems with and just to get me to get my butt in gear and sew!

I do have friends I sew with! One friend I smock with. so fun! & another we did different projects just next to each other. it's so wonderful to have friends with similar interests to learn from & share tools & projects with!

I didn't have any close friends who sewed until I started working at my local quilt shop. I quickly made friends with a number of the girls and we get together about once a month or every other and sew an entire Saturday. I love it. I love getting advice on how to make my sewing projects better.
I would love to win the book set as I am due in February and I just ordered a bunch of M. Miller fabric on fabric.com to make bedding. I'm too excited!!

unfortunately I don't have any friends to sew with. I wish I did. :)

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