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Book Blog Bonanza 10/11/10

October 11, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!

Today, we're giving away signed copies of Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings to FIVE lucky winners.





Commenter: taralyn1104

This looks like a great book. I'm usually a knitter, but have recently dug out my sewing machine and am looking to sew some things for my kids.

Commenter: Sourkraut

Lately I've gotten into giving handmade gifts. I'm afraid that some of my friends have gotten experimental projects before I'd honed my skills so their bags and aprons aren't as nice as the ones I eventually made for myself but I don't hear them complaining.

Commenter: Abby K

I have a two year old and a new baby niece that I can't wait to use this book and sew goodies for! Thank you!

Commenter: ANDREA B.

I love to give handmade gifts and they usually always include personalization of some sort. Even the young ones seem to enjoy them. It is always from the heart :)

Commenter: rilojane

I make handmade gifts for people I know well. I try to suit their needs and not just satisfy my craving to do a specific project. I like things to be used- so I tend to avoid heirloomy stuff, unless it's family. Otherwise, I'm giving a diaper cake! (I guess that counts as handmade, too, though eh?)


Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question: Do you usually give handmade gifts? If so, what kind?

The deadline for entries is today, October 11, 2010 at MIDNIGHT ET.

Winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Tuesday, October 12, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: To be qualified, you must create a user name if you haven't already. Anonymous posts cannot be considered for entry.  One entry per person, please.  Duplicate entries or multiple entries from the same user may be deleted.  Thanks! 

*If you experience technical difficulties posting your comment, you may email your comment to blog(at)fabric.com to be included in the random selection process.

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this would be awesome to have! I just bought a brand new sewing machine and have started making lots of fun projects for my new baby (just turned 3 months old on October 4th) and I would love to be able to create some more things for him!

This looks like a great book. I'm usually a knitter, but have recently dug out my sewing machine and am looking to sew some things for my kids.

Absolutely! Always hand make gifts for babies. I try to give at least one handmade gift at Christmas to everyone on my list.

I always give handmade gifts! Even before I knew how to sew. Every year on my Christmas list there is always at least one handmade gift for everyone...which means I should probably start sewing right now!

oh... i remember when my lil guy was in my tummy and i was trying to sew everything for him! it was a disaster b/c i was a horrible sewer then! now i'm much better... practice practice!! i love giving handmade gifts and am actually working on christmas gifts now... so far i have one down... b/c every time i made something new my lil girl takes it over b/c she thinks it's for her!!

I always try to give a handmade gift. Personalization is so appreciated. This would be such a terrific addition to my slim library!

How sweet! I'd love the chance to try a few of these projects for my many girlfriends who have newborns or little ones!

I really want this book! I love sewing for babies. I always give handmade gifts with the baby's name on them. It's a nice little treasure for them to keep. :)

I make lots of gifts, toys for kids, bags for friends, knitted items for family!

I am making more and more of an effort to give handmade gifts. Preferably my own but etsy is my second choice.

Oh how I love her designs! I wish I could still find her Chocolate Lollipop fabric line! I want this book!

I love to sew, have since I was 10 years old and I am now 58. I am always looking for new ideas and so I think this book sounds great!I find Anna Maria Horner to be an amazingly creative person and wonderful mother who always helps me to stretch my mind with new fabrics and combinations. I usually give sewn handmade gifts, quilts, baby clothes, dresses (love little dresses), burp cloths, etc. I am often looking for ideas for little boys too, just doesn't seem to be as many out there for them. I have 6 granddaughters and 4 grandsons and they range in ages 5 down to 2 weeks. I am always sewing gifts for them and for friends. I would love to own this book!

I've given knitted scarves for Christmas. I'd love to get this book.

I love to give away home made gifts especially to new babies of friends, and my patients...I am a pediatric nurse. I usually just crochet or knit something cute. I really wish I could sew better and am starting to do simple projects, but would love to try some of the patterns in this book.

What a great book-I would love to win it!
I often give handmade gifts; I've beaded jewelry, printed photographs, and embroidered items in the past. Now that I'm learning how to sew, that's my latest gift-giving "skill." This weekend I gave some baby bibs I made away, so if I won this, I'd have even more tricks up my sleeves! :)

I make handmade gifts all the time! For christmas all of my family memebers are getting handmade pajama pants!! I would love this book, when I was pregnant I thought how I would love to make my own maternity tops! What a great thing!!!!

awwwwwwwwwwww this is such a cute book, i would ssoooo LOVE to win!!
I Love making things for babies!! maybe i can learn a few new things from this book, if i win!!

So cute! I always make new baby gifts, baby blankets, knitted hats and socks. The last baby blanket I made I used minkee fabric. Wow, that was a challenge! Sooo slippery.

I love sewing for babies!! The only things I saved from when my daughter was a baby are the handmade, heirloom type things. Everything else went to goodwill.

Would love to win this book! I love giving handmade gifts. My little niece's love to get cute little ruffled outfits from their aunt. I also have siblings who will probably have more babies and this book would be great to have in my library!

My favorite gifts to give are homemade baby blankets made with a pattern that I created. They've been so popular that friends have ordered them from me. I also love to make soft cotton baby booties and bibs with adorable applique. Homemade gifts are always the best!

Lately I've gotten into giving handmade gifts. I'm afraid that some of my friends have gotten experimental projects before I'd honed my skills so their bags and aprons aren't as nice as the ones I eventually made for myself but I don't hear them complaining.

Love making baby gifts. I'm a grandma and a great-aunt so I keep really, really busy!

I love making gifts. I make a lot of baby carriers. Ring Slings and Mei Tais. For older kids I do a lot of Pajama sets w/ matching blankets. Thanks for the giveaway!

This looks like a great book to inspire for gift making. I love to sew and baby items are always so fun to make.

I am loving nanny to my 1 year old niece, and will hopefully have one of my own soon. I just had my machine serviced and am ready to break it out!

I love to sew and knit/crochet. I have been giving handmade Christmas gifts of all kinds for years. I like to go with one new project a year. One year my husband and I tried candles, I have made soap, scarves, and even blankets. This year I want to get into making my own beauty care products.
Also want to refine my sewing and make some things for my kids. As the weather turns cooler my hands want to be busier!

I have recently started doing some quilts, so those have begun to be gifts. I'm actually starting to plan my Christmas gifts this year for more homemade gifts!

I always give handmade gifts - but only when I know they will be appreciated. Whether it is fudge, banana or applecranberry bread, or sewn items - snuggie type blankets, or baskets made out of small squares of fabric, purses, wristlets, clothing items...

I usually try to give gifts that I have made, which requires planning ahead. I pre-make an assortment of generic items that can kept on hand and some of them can be embellished/monogrammed with machine embroidery later, etc.

I usually bake for gifts. Now that I've learned to sew perhaps I'll combine the two somehow.

I'd love to win this! i like to give handmade gifts but i'm not always super-proud of my workmanship...

Oh...I would love to add this book to my collection of inspiration. I always try to make homemade gifts...they mean a lot to me, and, I hope they mean as much to the on who is blessed by them.

This would be a great addition to my library. I love to sew for my little guys!

I love Anna Maria Horner's fabrics, her patterns, her blog... she's just so talented! And one of my dearest friends is expecting her first child, so I've got just the occasion to put it to use. :)

I love to give homemade gifts. I'm working on several Christmas presents right now for my family. It's very fun and satisfying, working on it and knowing it's for someone you love. And there's no better feeling than someone appreciating something you've made with your own hands and knowing all the love that went into it.

I recently got back into sewing and have been making diaper bags for friends that are having babies. So yes, I am trying to make homemade gifts as often as possible! This book would help tremendously!

I don't plan on having anymore babies but know lots of people who are.
Handmade gifts are not something I've done a lot of but have been planning on starting that this year. Everyone seems to have everything and it gets harder & harder to buy for them so I think handmade will fit the bill.

What a great giveaway! I enjoy giving handmade gifts. I've recently been on a knitting kick, but it looks like I've caught the sewing bug and plan on sewing a few gifts this year. :)

Nice giveaway! Makes for good presents.


I would love to win this book. One of my coworkers is having a new little one in January and I would love to make her something for her from this book. My mom and grandma introduced me to sewing by purchasing my first machine when I was 13 and now being in my forty's, I have continued to perfect my hobby. I make things all year long for special gifts. Right now I am makinf aprons for all of my family and friends for their Christmas gifts. Sewing is a great stress reliever for me and I am happy to continue to pass on my expirence to my daughter.

I love sewing gifts for the ones I love :)

So many projects, so little time. But these really look doable. Can't wait to put this book to good use!

I love making gifts for friends and family!

Would love to win this awesome book. Love to sew "baby things" for all the new little ones in our family and friend's families. New some new ideas!

I love giving handmade gifts - I do lots of baby items (clothes/toys/blankies), and love baking for the holidays! Candies, cookies, breads, they are always welcome gifts!

I always loved sewing for my children when they were little. Now I'm about to be a first-time grandma, so I definitely need a book about sewing baby things!!! :)

Looks like a great book! I love to make presents for friends and family rather than purchase something....let's them know the gift is truly from the heart.

What a great giveaway right in time for Christmas sewing!

Hope to be a grandmother before too long. I could use this book!

well, one advice I can give, if you're an expecting mother and you want to sew your own things for the baby, start early, because once you hit the 3rd trimester, you won't fit behind the sewing amchine anymore (well, I didn't :) ) other than that, sewing for babies is the greatest thing in the world!!! :D

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