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Book Blog Bonanza 10/06/10

October 6, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!

Today, we're giving away copies of signed copies of Fast Forward Quilts by Pat Sloan to FIVE lucky winners.






Commenter name: cc

My first completed quilt was made just before my wedding. The "Quilt
Police" would have been appalled by it: 5/8" seams, a sheet for backing
and no binding! ;-)
27 years later it's still my favorite project. :-)


Commenter name: jul

Wow $500 - since I'm fairly new to sewing $500 would sure jump start my
stash!        When I see these amazing pictures of peoples sewing rooms I'm
blown away by the amount of fabric so many have!


Commenter name: Melinda

If I had $500 I would buy enough fabric for a whole bedding set for my
bed AND pay someone else to quilt it on a long arm machine! I love
making quilt tops, the actual quilting of them? Not so much.


Commenter name: denise

I would buy my fabric and make a quilt for my kids and their families



Commenter name: pauliegirl

If I were to win $500 for my Project...I would make tie quilts for my
grandson's soccer team in Germany. I just returned and he is 6 years
old, playing soccer like a champ. I am making him  a beautiful tie
quilt with red, white & black soccer balls(team name is Red & White) on
one side & black on back. In Germany they do not have the fleece fabric
and my son was ectatic when he saw the fabric I ordered and will be
making the blanket with.I would love to surprise the team with blankets
for all....with the quilt book I would use all my scraps and make lap
quilts for wheel chair students I worked with for 23 years...just
retired in June.



Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question: If you could spend $500 on a dream project, what fabric or other supplies would you buy?

The deadline for entries is today, October 6, 2010 at MIDNIGHT ET.

Winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Thursday, October 7, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: To be qualified, you must create a user name if you haven't already. Anonymous posts cannot be considered for entry.  One entry per person, please.  Duplicate entries or multiple entries from the same user may be deleted.  Thanks! 

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My dream project remains to take the fabric from my wedding dress, purchase coordinating fabric, and create a throw for our bed. I am sure it would require some new needles, thread, and probably a machine foot or two -- plus I would buy some extra time! :)

I learned to sew when I was eight, by sewing by hand with my grandmother's scraps. I was cutting out a small piece of fabric held on my lap & accidentally cut my shorts, too.

If I could spend $500 on a project I think I would use most of the money on a babysitter. When I moved I packed all my fabrics up and I love them I just need to do something with them. So maybe I'd buy myself a few notions and a lot of time.

I'd have to take some time to think about a project if I had $500 for a single one. I suppose I'd spend the big bucks on the fabric that I usually feel is too expensive and enjoy using it for something special. I'd probably make a bed size quilt. I'd like to make one for our guest bedroom, queen sized... someday!


I learned to sew when I was very young. maybe 7 or 8. My Grandma taught me how to use her Singer treadle machine. She said when she passed away, I could have her machine,but, my uncle was the caretaker of her estate and he would not let me have the machine. I have never forgotten all the hours i sat there and sewed fabric scraps together!

I've always wanted to learn how to quilt and just recently started trying to teach myself how to do so. I've only started with a small doll quilt but would eventually like to make a bed quilt for our Master bedroom. I would spend $500 on a variety of luxurious fabrics to use for the quilt, and some high quality thread. I'm sure I would also find some tools and notions that I'd love to have! :-)

Wow, with $500, I would buy the expensive silk and make a very regal 16th or 18th century ball gown!! With some added hand embroidery!!! Or, I would just buy a bunch of fabrics to make "modern" clothes since I haven't done that yet. I just learned how to sew last year and all of my projects have been historical reenactment pieces. I really would like to make something that I could wear everyday.

OMG I got to have this book I actually need it right now!! $500 are you kidding I am a fabricaholic I would buy fabric to make Quilts!!! You giving away money too?? LOL

I just started quilting a few years ago. My first big project was a t-shirt quilt. My husband would buy me a harley t-shirt whenever we traveled and I never were T-shirts. So I made a quilt out of the shirts (all the shirts had a black background). I used a flame fabric for the border. I had the quilt machine quilted with a flower pattern with petals that were in the shape of flames. Love it and want to make more. Other themes of course.

My dream project is to make both my sons quilt before they finish high school. I have 2 years for the first one!

Hmmm...I've never seen this book so can't talk about that, I don't have a favorite tale to tell so I guess that leaves what would I do with $500. I'm thinking that since I am such a basic sewer I would us it to buy sewing classes and learn to do more with my sewing machine than just straight lines.

My first completed quilt was made just before my wedding. The "Quilt Police" would have been appalled by it: 5/8" seams, a sheet for backing and no binding! ;-)
27 years later it's still my favorite project. :-)

I have been making lots of cute skirts for my 4 year old, so I think she would have a lot more skirts with $500! :) I would stock my fabric bins with all the fabric I've wanted to buy but never did.

I love buying pre-cuts as they look so delicious, but I am always at a loss for projects for them--I can only make so many totebags before I get bored, y'know? so this book would be nice...
$500--I would buy some nifty attachments for my sewing machine so I could get really creative with my sewing.

I think with this book and a few jelly rolls I'd make a quit for everyone in my family, ok, maybe not EVERYONE but almost! Thank you for the chance to win!

OOHHHHH! $500.oo spending spree!! Oh What Fun that would be!!! I would probably spend it all on fabric ..... I would love to learn to quilt someday .... and this would be a good start for me. Thanks.

If I had $500 on dream project... I think I would make a giant double sided baby blanket for grown-ups ( I love throws). I would need a lot of Minky, new needles and binding tape. I think I would use any left over $ to buy the backing and interfacing and binding for a t-shirt quilt. It's so hard to pick your favorite potential project. (:

shopping is always fun!!!!! i LOVE to shop, BUt i'd spend it all on fabric! i Love to sew and make things it keeps me busy while i'm at home!! It would help me to be able to buy my sewing machine i have been wanting for a lonnnnnnggggg time that I haven't been able to afford!!! :-) yayy I got a chance to win... thanks!! :-)

if I had an extra $500 I would use it to make quilts for the grandkids - I have given them quilts for their small beds, but now they are getting into the regular size beds & need new ones made by Grandma - I would love to have the money - and the time - to make a new full or queen size one for each of them!

I would love to win this book. Pat Sloan is my favorite designer. I am currently working on a 'Sew Along' I did via her blog. It is a great applique and pieced table topper. So much fun!!!!

$500 on a dream project ... wow, that's a lot of fabric and supplies! My dream project would be to cover my old couch and do matching draperies to cover the sliding glass doors. Would brighten up the room tremendously.

Wow $500 - since I'm fairly new to sewing $500 would sure jump start my stash! When I see these amazing pictures of peoples sewing rooms I'm blown away by the amount of fabric so many have!

I'd buy some silk batting ....it's really nice to work with. It feels feathery when done. I'd make another king size quilt for our bed!

OMG - I would so love this book. I like to quilt but never seem to find the time to. This book looks like it could really help in the time department, lol. $500 for a dream project - Where to begin??? Right now, we are in the process of buying a new house where the kitchen and dining area are basically the same area. So, I believe my dream project would be to get all my supplies for making coordinating chair covers, cushions, table linens, curtains and kitchen decor.

I would spend $500 on some beautiful batik fabrics and coordinating threads to make a quilt for my bead. I love batiks!

I luv Pat's other books. I'm not really sure about all this jelly roll, layer cakes and honey buns stuff? Just the sound of it makes me hungry. But then again when you got fabric -who needs food! Except maybe chocolate:)

My dream project would be to hire someone to finish my sewing studio! It's now a storage building, hubby is supposed to finish it, but you know how that works!

$500 on a dream project??? I bought the pattern for the Sister Quilt Show Quilt when there this year. I think I would buy everything I need to make that!

Spending $500 huh? I think I would take it and go down to NYC and go to the FIT bookstore. Hopefully I would have enough leftover so I could have a cup of coffee and sit and read my new books.

If I had $500 I would buy enough fabric for a whole bedding set for my bed AND pay someone else to quilt it on a long arm machine! I love making quilt tops, the actual quilting of them? Not so much. :)

Wow i would like to win . Lost my job so i am selling off my sewing stuff if i won i wont have to i could pay some bills.And to make things worst yesterday i cut my baby toe open had to have 5 stitches.I love sewing been sewing by hand since i was 8yrs old my mom showed me how .Then i learned on the machine when i was 12 .Kids have it way too easy now .I remember making my own bags and doll clothes.I am making jean bags now .

I made my first quilt 40 years ago for my first child's bassinet. I still consider myself a beginner! I'd spend that $500 on fabric, fabric, fabric!

My 1st sewing project, which was in Home Ec. in 7th grade, was a shift which had a back zipper. I can remember cutting out the fabric I chose & loved, thinking whoever designed this pattern was stupid to make it so hard to cut on the fold line for the front of the shift. It was hard to cut the 2 layers of fabric apart!!! Talk about learning from your mistakes!!!! However, my shift was original b/c we put a placket w/buttons down the front to cover the seam line. The other girls in the class wanted a shift like mine.

Oh..... $500 on fabric. That is a dream!
I would spend it all on good quality quilters cottons- some imports from Japan- and make a big beautiful quilt for each of my kids.

If I had $500 to spend...I would spend it on projects for my baby that is due in February. Especically blankets but if I did not have all the decor already I would have loved to make everything for the baby's room.:)

if I had $500 for a dream project, I would start with a sewing machine tuneup, a new rotary blade and sewing needle, then some fabric to make a new quilt, pillow cases, and a bed skirt for my bed, then if I had any money left over I'd either make curtains for my room or I'd pay (with extra of my own money) to have it professionally quilted. I'd love that!

If I had $500 for a project I would purchase PFD silk fabric and fabric paints for a unique and personalized quilt. I've wanted to experiment with silk but I just haven't had the time or money to begin the journey.

My dream project would be an embroidery machine to jazz up all the items for my kids! applique does the trick now, but it's more time consuming, and not as ready to wear looking, which is a must for teens/preteens!

I would purchase a design program so I can design fabric.

Thinking of what I would do with %500! Hmmm. Some really nice designer fabrics? A new sewing machine? A class in needlework of some kind? I can think of several ideas. The book on quilting could inspire me to make quilts, something I have not done even though I have friends who are prize-winning quilters.

I love the convenience of precuts. I would rather have a ton of small pieces than one large piece. Scrappy stimulates my creative energies.

I love to quilt. I have only been doing it for a few years now and I mostly make quilted bags but would love to have the time to make more quilts. With $500.the possibilities would be endless. I would love to make a quilt for my bedroom.

There are two things that I said I would never do. Scrapbook and sew. Well once I had a baby. . . there went scrapbooking. Next, I had a lot of time on my hands and missed the mental challenges from not working. So I finally figured out how to thread the bobbin correctly just to sew paper for scrapbooking. One thing lead to another and now I'm hooked. I'm 9 months in and totally addicted to sewing.

My mom sewed for herself and me as I grew up, but I really learned to sew when I was in Girl Scouts, from one of the other mothers! I guess it is sometimes easier to learn from someone who isn't sooooo close! ;-)

With $500, I would make a wedding dress or christening dress and donate it to someone who needed it. I would especially splurge on the lace!

All I can say about quilts is I tried to make one once, it had a sunshine pattern. The first sunshine turned out beautiful. The second sunshine turned out beautiful.... and about an inch smaller all around than the first. But I'd love to try again one day. It seems one of those insurmountable crafts that is just too much to try.

I would buy my fabric and make a quilt for my kids and their families

Oooh, if I had $500 for a dream project, I would buy a sewing machine and a table for it. I just learned how to sew, but don't have my own machine. What I wouldn't give to have one!

Adding new books to my sewing library is always welcome. It keeps me up-to-date on new techniques and old ones I don't know. I love Fabric.com.

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