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Book Blog Bonanza 10/04/10

October 4, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!

Today, we're giving away signed copies of Anna Maria Horner's Little Stitches for Little Ones to FIVE lucky winners.





Thanks for all the comments!


Commenter name: tracie brown

My grandma taught me to sew many years ago and i love it since she has
passed away and i recieved all of machines and fabric and thread i love
to use them it make me feel closer to her i would love this book maybe
i can learn more and have more fun sewing

Commenter name: April

I haven't gotten into sewing clothing yet, but I will with two
daughters that fit in nothing correctly when purchased from the store.
But I do like to modify existing garments and make them more fun...
just be creative and harness your inner child!

Commenter name: Busydaycake

Ahh... I have finally solidified the lesson to NOT rush sewing clothes.
When I do, I end up frustrated, having to un-sew, and sometimes have
even had to simply toss the whole thing.  Now I take my time and enjoy
completing small steps.


Commenter name: Gem

This is so much fun! All these books are wonderfull! I am so lucky to
have been able (with a little help)to have a new sewing machine! It
would be awesome to have this book for more ideas . Not to mention I
don't have any more money to spend on books now, gotta pay off the
machine! LOL .. thank you again for the chance to win!

Commenter name: AmySews

I have gotten back into sewing after 25 years. I am taking lessons with
a fantastic teacher at a really hip local studio & she absolutely
recommended this book & has it on her shelf  I hope I win!


Thanks for commenting! 


Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question: What's your best apparel sewing tip? Share it with us!

The deadline for entries is today, October 4, 2010 at midnight ET.

Winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Tuesday, October 5, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: To be qualified, you must create a user name if you haven't already. Anonymous posts cannot be considered for entry.

*If you experience technical difficulties posting your comment, you may email your comment to blog(at)fabric.com to be included in the random selection process.


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Anna Maria is one of my favorite fabric designers and I would really use this book because I'm expecting my 2nd grandchild in January

I'm teaching our three neighbor girls how to sew. This book would be wonderful.

After having two boys, I now have a daughter to sew for. Being fairly new to sewing, I have been reading everything I can get my hands on to improve my skills. This looks like a great book! Thank you for the chance to win.

I would LOVE to win this book!
The best apparel advice I can give is to take your time. Draft your pattern to fit you and then make any changes to your pattern immediately. Also- baste, try on, baste.

I hand stitch my quilt binding with silk thread. It's super strong and very fine. The stitches disappear into the fabric, so you can use any color!

Oh, and my favorite sewing tale:
In college, I had started to makeself a red velvet cocktail dress for a wedding that I was attending with then boyfriend. I worked on it for 3 weeks and it just was not coming out right. Two night before the wedding, I sat there with the dress unfinished and crying because I had ran out of time and I was clueless as to how to fix it. I put the dress down and went to sleep. Next morning, the dress was not just finished but fitted me perfectly. My mom had taken it and took it apart and redid the whole dress based on her 'eyeballing' me for size. Not just that, she also embellished the collar and sleeves with a little sparkle since it was a black tie wedding. I was ecstatic! Got a ton of compliments! I always ask for her opinion when sewing now :)

I just spent the weekend sewing. Finished all my Holloween things I was making and started my fall things. Soon it will be time for Christmas sewing..Hope I can find a craft show to sell it all.

I want to win!

My advice is to slow down. It doesn't matter how quick you sew the seam if it isn't sewn correctly.


Press those seams!

My mom taught me the basics of sewing when I was a young girl on her classic Singer sewing machine. Since then, I have struggled with a few machines here and there and declared myself incompetent to sew. Turns out that it wasn't me, it was just the junky machines I was sewing on. I found a 45 year old Singer at the Goodwill Outlet right up the road from my house. I took it home, cleaned it up, ordered a few parts for it and restored it to its former glory. I sewed my first real "thing" on that machine -- a kitchen apron. I love that apron, and I love the machine. Since then, however, Francine (the machine) has taken a turn for the worst, but my wonderful step-sister let me borrow another one that I have just adored - not to mention my sewing abilities have just taken off! It's like my step-sis said to me: "the world is a different place when you know how to sew!" So, so true!

I would absolutely love to have this book! Best advice for apparel sewing: have fun with your project! Make it your own by changing some detail of your pattern; be creative and let the designer within flourish!

I think one of the best pieces of advice I ever received on sewing garments: always press your seams as you go. It makes your finished piece so much more professional looking. :)

--SEW MUCH HAPPINESS in small squares of fabric...now imagine beauty and artistry of an entire quilt, a holiday vest, a garden flag, comfort pillows for nursing care residents, and gifts made with stitches. Anna Maria keeps handy busy, helps us pass along skills, and inspires hope!

I would love this book!
I have recently started sewing not only most of my childrens clothes but curtains, pillows,etc for our home mainly due to the fact you can find more affordable fabrics to create what you need or want, if you're willing to put the time and work in by sewing them yourself. The best tip I can give is to use steam a seam and lightly spray starch apparel items steam a seam holds seams firmly and thet are therefore easier to sew neatly without pins.. Spray starch keeps cottons slightly firm also allowing you to sew neater and easier.

Have a great niece coming soon and am looking forward to sewing for a little girl, haven't done that for 30+ years! I need to get back into garment sewing from quilting and I would love this book.

I am just getting back into sewing and I have a little boy who is skinny and tall so I always have to alter his clothes to get a good fit. I just love to get ideas all around. My best tip at the moment is don't be afraid to fail! The only way to get better is to practice. I've had to rip out many seams but the practice always makes a better project in the end. Thanks for the tips everyone. I can't wait to read them.

i looooooove Anna Maria
she has a magical touch when it comes to fabric and colour
you may not be attracted to her fabric if you see the picture, but you'll be amazed when see it in real. i've never dissappointed with her choice of colour.

i have not own any of her books yet but would love to since i have 2 little boys who needs constant changing in wardrobe.

when it comes to sewing anything, my best tips is to always do the ironing. it saves you lots of time and the results will look much much better.

Oh I love that book. I have checked it out of the library quite a few times! I love her fabric! It's given me new inspiration. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 7. She started with sewing doll clothes. Now that my girls are old enough (14 down to 8) I started them out sewing doll clothes too. They are now sewing clothes for themselves. We inherited my grandmother's old sewing machine from the 1920's. It's in good running condition and the wood cabinet is in great shape. I thought it would just be a "show piece" but my oldest actually prefers to sew on that treadle machine than on my "electric" one. It amazes me and I can't help but smile when I see her treadling away. Stacey

My best apparel tip is to have some one else make it for you LOL. One of my favorite fabric designers, I would love to have this book! Thanks for the giveaway :)

I love to sew! I just wish my projects looked a little more professional. Needing all the help I can get!

It´s no real sewing insight, but the most important things when sewing are pressing and basting! I hated both when I started sewing but I learned in a very short time, that these things that cost you much time, save much time (and money for fabric) in the end!

I started sewing becaus I´m very tall and shopping jeans and shirts with long arms is horror! Now I make them at home and the fit perfectly!

Greetz from Germany!

Love to sew!! I find it relaxing, and if a project becomes frustrating, I walk away and pick it up later!! Love to re-make things into something else and love doing alterations. I'll sew anything!

My grandma taught me to sew many years ago and i love it since she has passed away and i recieved all of machines and fabric and thread i love to use them it make me feel closer to her i would love this book maybe i can learn more and have more fun sewing

I'm just learning to sew & I need all the help I can get!! So, I'm commenting every day for a chance to win a book.
My current project is two 18th century fancy outfits for a ball; a gown for me & a coat, vest, pants for my husband!!

Love Anna Marie and LOVE little tiny clothes, but have so far not been successful at making anything.

My daugther is 9 months old and at about 3 months I attempted to "wing" a little dress for her. It was just a simple summer dress and after getting all the seams sewn up and the sleeves on I was so proud of my little dress. Ha. Little did I know that once I did squeeze my little wee one into it that I would have to CUT IT to get it back off. At that point, I learned I had a lot more to figure out when it came to clothing construction. Would love to have this book to give it another go! =)

The best advice I can give after many years of sewing, embroidery and quilting is to make sure that you understand the directions and just enjoy the process!!!

My mother taught me to sew very young, I'll always remember (first dress made, actually no sewing) I had a piece of material folded in half cut a circle in middle. Has another strip of material, put larger piece over my barbie's head and tied the strip for belt...I was so proud. Always tip-toeing up to watch her sew, later I was able to sew my clothes, in which I did throughout school years. Always had my own unique clothing...like having different items than everyone else. Looking forward to sewing much more...just love it :)

I have two daughters that I sew for. My mom taught me to sew when I was younger and I picked it up again after my first was born. My best tip is to measure twice then cut once. I have learned this the hard way.

I love Anna Maria's fabric and her blog. I have already checked out her book at a bokstore and it has a lot of great projects in it. There is a really cute bag and a wonderful patch work skirt that I would want to make right away. I have put this book on my Christmas list, but it would be great to get it before...

I haven't gotten into sewing clothing yet, but I will with two daughters that fit in nothing correctly when purchased from the store. But I do like to modify existing garments and make them more fun... just be creative and harness your inner child!

My sewing tip, especially for kids, is to reinforce underarm and crotch seams!

It looks like a lovely book! How fun to be able to do projects with my daughter on this one :)

I've only sewn a few garments. I'd say the biggest tip would be to trust your instincts. If something looks like it's going to be huge, don't just expect that the pattern maker knew what they were talking about, adjust it! I spent hours making a flutter sleeved dress only to have the person I made it for never wear it because the sleeve openings were twice the size of her arms and it just didn't work. I thought they looked big, but I went with it because I thought that a professional designer would know better than I would.

A garment tip, hmmm.... Well, the biggest challenge I find in garment sewing is making time to do it. I have four kids at home. In order for me to complete a garment I have to MAKE time to do it. When I worked up the kids' homeschool schedule I made it so that 4:30-5:00 is my sewing time. The youngest is napping and the oldest is supposed to read quietly to the middle children. Other than that, don't skip interfacing if it is called for. It really makes a difference.

I would love this book, my 12 year old daughter is really getting into sewing and quilting this would be an awesome additon to your 'mom and me sew time'.

I am a bit of a newbie to sewing but I'd really love to win a copy of this book. I've learned to keep my fingers away from the needles the hard way, which is my best tip so far. I think with the chance to try some of these patterns I'd be able to come up with many more good points for next time. ;)

I have this book and love it! Im hoping to win this one for my sis in law who is having a baby!

As a new sewer, I'm learning all the ropes and reading as much as I can to learn new tips of the trade. Each new stich I learn, the more I get excited about the possibilities!

I just love Ana Maria's designs - such pretty fabrics for girls of all ages!

I love Anna! Her taste in colors is SUPERB.

My garment sewing tip is invest in a serger. It has added life to all of my handmade garments. Nothing beats the strength and professional look of serged seams.

It looks like a great book! I love to win it and use it with kids.
My sewing tip is use any Pattern adjusted to my body size is the key to a end product looking fitted and secondly it is ok to use as many pins to secure pining down the parts as you need to sew them together, especially for neck and shoulder joining.

That cover quilt is lovely, I am in for this one!! Alison

I sew all kinds of things for little ones and could always use more inspiration! The only sewing tip that comes to mind today is to pay close attention to how you finish your seams, especially in garment sewing. So many times I see a super cute little dress or shortall being sold as handmade, which is absolutely wonderful, so I have to check it out further. Often I am very disappointed the minute I look inside. Raw edges and unfinished seams turn me off of a garment instantly. Not only does finishing your edges and seams make the garment look better, they also help the outfit stand up to active little ones.

I love Anna Marie Horner! Her fabrics and designs are sew beautiful! I would love to win this book!

This book is SUCH a great book! It is so easy to read and the patterns are easy to make & follow. I have make the toddler hoodie for my son, daughter & neice & I can't wait to make more! Anna Maria is so inspiring!

This looks like a really neat book. I'm just getting back into sewing, so am looking for books to help me re-learn the skills.

I have never seen this book, but would sure make a good addition to my other sewing books. I just finished making "pillowcase dresses" for my mother-in-law's church group. They are going to be sending them overseas. They were easy to sew and looks so cute.

eeeek this is awesome!!
my best piece of sewing advice is... just do it! if you have a vision in your heart and head then try it out! you never know what you can make if you don't do it!

I'm just getting into apparel sewing, so I'm probably the last person to give tips, lol. But the tip that has been most helpful to me is to press, press, press, with a good iron before, during, and after sewing. The seams look so much more professional this way. Thank you for a great giveaway and good luck to all!

My favorite sewing tale is actually about my sis in law. She started sewing for her 2 year old daughter. She made the cutest little shirt and dress, but her daughter absolutely refuses to wear them. They tried everything, bringing it home in a bag like it was from a store and everything, but when they put it on her she screams. So they gave that up and my sis in law decided to make doll clothes and made a cute little set of pajamas for her daughters baby doll. Her daughter won't let her baby wear them either. We all had a good laugh over that.

I would love to win this book! My tip is to iron patterns before using them to cut fabric.

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