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Book Blog Bonanza 10/01/10

October 1, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!

Today, we're giving away signed copies of Kay Whitt's Sew Serendipity to FIVE lucky winners.






Thanks for all the comments and the great tips!


Commenter name: naomig

"Oh, I LOVE books about sewing. One thing I try to do is intersperse my
huge projects with quick easy ones... that way I always have a sense of
satisfaction that comes from producing something fabulous in an hour or
two, as well as the glory of huge projects and the awesomeness of
getting them done. It just keeps me going. Also, I ALWAYS cut out my
next project as part of my cleanup from my last project. That way when
I start in on it I'm starting at the fun sew together part instead of
the annoying cut out part. I hope so very much that I win this book! It
looks amazing!"

Commenter name: berendslisa

"I love sewing books, they are probably almost as addicting as fabric!
My best sewing tips is to store fabric in clear bins by type and those
plastic school pencil boxes make great storage containers for needles,
sewing tools, threads, etc. "


Commenter name: marshakaye

This looks like a fantastic book to add to my sewing library! Would
love to do some "grown up" projects! Lots of ziploc bags helps to keep
patterns, ribbon scraps, button, etc sorted and together.

Commenter name: thyme2sage

I have a very small house with limited storage. I have shelving in my
family room for my fabric with bamboo shades hung from the ceiling to
hide the fabric and also to keep it clean and protect it from the
sunlight coming through my windows.   It's stacked according to color
and season.  I bought a box of 9x12 clasp envelopes at Costco for my
patterns.   I glue the front of the pattern on the front of the
envelope and the back is glued on the back...it's so much easier to put
the pattern pieces into a big envelope than trying to stuff back into
the original one.   They're stored in a four drawer filing cabinet.  

Commenter name: gfawga

I saw this book at JoAnn's last week and ALMOST bought it. But i'm
still learning so until i get a pattern down for clothing i decided to
pass. I'd love to see what it can teach me though so keep in today's
drawing! Thanks!



Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question: Have you come up with an ingenious storage solution for your sewing or craft area? Share it with us!

The deadline for entries is today, October 1, 2010 at midnight ET.

Winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Monday, October 4, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: To be qualified, you must create a user name if you haven't already. Anonymous posts cannot be considered for entry.

*If you experience technical difficulties posting your comment, you may email your comment to blog(at)fabric.com to be included in the random selection process.


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I saw this book at the store the other day and almost bought it! Hopefully I'll be able to win it instead!

This sounds like a great book to make things for my family! Sorry, no storage solutions, just using lots of bins and containers in my small area. Blessings.

My son started preschool and I wanted to make him a pillow by myself for once. I got the bug to start crafting things again so I went out and decided to treat myself to a brand new experience with a new sewing machine! I put it together and bam! nothing. It didn't work. defective. after a few minutes of cursing and pouting I decided the only way to win this was to take charge with a better attitude. So I returned the machine and decided to stitch the pillow by hand. I was incredibly proud of myself.

oooo - pretty skirt! i want this book!

I love to read as much as I love to sew, so books about sewing are HEAVEN!

Looks like a book I could really use. Tried to make a few things from Japanese patterns but the women here are tiny tiny and nothing fits. lol

I don't really have an insights except that I've figured out if I let my toddler play with my scrap bin, I get a lot more accomplished than constantly telling her not to touch things! She knows she's allowed to do whatever with anything in the big blue box, and she even helps clean it all up when she's done!

While sewing instead of watching tv, listen to audiobooks. You can usually download them free from the library. You are more productive because your attention isn't drawn to look at the tv.

I don't get to sew as often as I would like and I am hoping that this book will inspire me.

I don't have any great sewing tales. I'm a novice sewer and I'm always getting in way over my head.

I love the skirt on this book cover. I've made four skirts for myself this summer and can't imagine buying one ever again! And my new passion is mod podging fabric onto cards and note books. It's a great way to get to use a variety of fabrics.

What a great cover shot for this book. Loving the skirt. As far as storage, I am not as organized as I would like to be. I don't have any real space to sew and call my own so I keep photos of latest purchases on my computer instead. If I am feeling creative I can refer to the photos and not have to dig through my large bin in the basement. With 3 young boys, you can't leave anything out for long.

Wow, just saw I won the previous book so thank you very much.

I really like the skirt pictured on the front of the book, so I'm very excited to enter this giveaway!

As far an ingenious storage ideas go, I'm hoping some commenters here will enlighten me! Haha!


This book looks fabulous and very inspirational!

I wish I was more organized, but I am getting there. All my fabric is on a huge bookshelf or in plastic bins. My books and magazines are stored on top of my bookshelf.

I am so excited about the home site (I cannot seam to stop ordering Fabric!!) and I am so excited to subscribe to the blog now. As a sewing novice I am so excited to branch out beyond curtains and pillows! If noting else I am excited to read new reviews for reference materials that could help me on my sewing journey.

I LOVE the mommy's idea for the big blue bin of scraps. I am totally borrowing it to entertain my 3 little boys.

I also LOVE that skirt. I would love to have this book.

When my kids were small and money was very tight I would haunt the White Elephant Sales...and thrift shops for garments to re-purpose into...well just about anything. I would take a man's large sweat shirt and make a pair of PJ's for my son. I would use the full skirt of cotton dress for curtains, table cloths became dish towels, or shirts, scraps for quilts, pot holders you name it and I could stitch it up on my ancient Singer. Always sewing has meant freedom. I may not have money to buy it, but give me scraps and I can make it. Money is not so tight now, [although a bargain is always welcome] and the kids have grown kids of their own but still sewing is freedom and a refuge, it is the work of my hands and mind and becomes the gift of my heart.

Organization? Of sewing things? Is it possible??? :)
I do the best I can with clear totes for fabric and boxes for my patterns. And I set up a tower of drawers next to my sewing table for all those wonderful notions, trims, buttons, etc. that I use for every project. I keep a small wire basket on one corner of my sewing table for my new patterns so I don't forget about them. I also make a list of the projects I plan for each season along with notes, sketches, etc. in a notebook. I can see at the end of the season what I have accomplished and what I didn't get to that needs to be moved forward to the next season. I also keep all my pressing tools in a basket at the side of my ironing board which is set up at a right angle to the left of my sewing table and is lowered so that I can just roll my chair over to do the pressing as I sew. My sewing books are located in my sewing closet on some shelves that are built in behind the closet door. I surely would love to add this one to my collection!

ooh I forgot to answer the questions ( I got too excited, I promise that I am not a spaz).

Currently I organize . . . if you can call it that with rubbermaid tubs that go under the bed and the triple drawer sterilite towers that come out during "back to school" time. I really am on the look out during this time because we live in a very small apartment with often random storage opportunities (much like a dorm room).

I find those storages solutions to be perfect for my space even though I may not get to "visit" with my fabric often, on the upsiDe it makes every new pattern or crafting idea like a trip to the fabric store (or a box from fabric.com)!

I saw this book at JoAnn's last week and ALMOST bought it. But i'm still learning so until i get a pattern down for clothing i decided to pass. I'd love to see what it can teach me though so keep in today's drawing! Thanks!

In my sewing room I have some old storage units and this is the story I was given: the two round cylinder shaped barrels,which have cardboard sides and metal tops and bottoms,were (I've been told) shipping containers from when my grandmother and her two daughters moved back to the states from Pearl Harbor after it was bombed on December 7, 1941. My grandfather stayed behind, and didn't meet up with his family until a few years later. I can remember the barrels being up in the attic of my gran's house in Alexandria, Virginia, from when I was a little child, and they were filled with fabric scraps then, too. I thought it was the coolest thing that she had plain fabric in there, that looked exactly the same as some of the outfits I wore!

I'm not terribly organized, but one thing that helps are those extra-big Ziplock-type storage bags. I use them to hold my projects. I put everything I need for one project (fabrics, pattern, thread, etc.) in the bag and then I have it all in one spot. Unfortunately, I have enough projects to last me until about forever! But, I keep planning more!

Sewing insights and unique storage tips...hmmm. I have been sewing for 40 years, so I should have something profound to say, shouldn't I? :) My husband renovated a bedroom into my sewing studio, and I must say one of the nicest things is the built in ironing board. It is so nice to be able to push the board up into the wall and regain the extra space. We also recently bought a fold up camp table that I have requisitioned for sewing...makes a fabulous portable cutting table either at home or camping (Yes, I have a sewing machine that goes camping!)

Ah ha! I tried to comment yesterday but for some reason couldn't create a movable type account. I found the confirmation in my spam folder today.

Okay, so storage in my sewing/craft area. I have one wall lined entirely with shelves. I bought those tracks that are used for closet organization and then a sheet of mdf (medium density fiberboard) and had it cut to the side of shelves I want. Any cut of fabric up to 1.5 yards gets folded in a square and lined up in a basket. Larger cuts are stacked in a bookshelf. Other shelves are for iron/iron supplies/wonder under/large scraps/a scrap bin. Patterns are in a portable file box in hanging folders.

I hardly ever get to sew for myself so this book may give me the motivation that I need. For storing my fabric I bought large see through plastic bins. I fold my fabric on comic book boards and store them side by side in the bin.

Ooh, I want that skirt on the cover! Love it! My favorite storage item is my Pampered Chef tool caddy- It's meant for kitchen implements, but I keep my shears, rotary cutters, markers, pens, rulers, turners... all kinds of things! Doesn't take up much space and everything is right at hand.

I have all of my fabric stored in clear plastic bins and sorted by color. That way even if I can't see a particular pink fabric I'm looking for, if I can see any pink fabric from the outside of the bin I know which one it's in. I really need to cut down on my stash though!

Nothing groundbreaking, but I've got a closet with a great shelving system for fabric and other items so everything has a place. I've had my eye on this book for a while! Looks like there are lots of fun ideas in it.

I have a problem with starting projects and then getting too busy to finish them. So, once a month my grandma has a craft day where we all bring our half-finished projects and work on them together while enjoying lunch at her house.
Excited about this book! Thanks!

I am new to sewing and I know this advice is not new, but since I have learned it the hard way, I would like to share it. Wash, iron and measure everything twice! I have ruined a beautiful cordoruy 6 gore skirt because I failed to check the measurements at the waist twice. Anyways, I would love to have Kay Whitt's book.

Looks like a great book!
I like to use canvas bags to store different things in my sewing room and hang them on hooks on the wall for easy access.

Books like this are so inspiring!

I really like this skirt. The book would be nice to have.

This looks like a wonderful book. I love that cover skirt.

My dream is to have a sewing room but that would mean moving the treadmill out and that's not going to happen so for now my sewing room is our loft. Many rubbermaid bins to stash my remnants because, as we all know, we can't throw anything away. I would love to win this book I have pretty much been sewing for the grandchildren but now the Mommies are interested. They would love some of these skirts.

Would love to add this book to my collection, I can always use new inspiration!

That book looks lovely! I want to win it! Not sure that it counts as ingenious but I recently found a small but pretty desk and dresser set on Craigslist that I'm using as my crafting area. The extra storage from the dresser really helps. They were originally from a kid's room so they're a bit on the small side but just right for my crafting corner.

My sewing insight is from my Grandmother. She always said measure 3 times and cut once and cut slow!! Thanks Grams!!!

Nothing new or brainy here... but I just use shelving on the walls and have my fabric in stacks by colors. I do have to think of a good way to get my ribbon all corralled!

I have a very small house with limited storage. I have shelving in my family room for my fabric with bamboo shades hung from the ceiling to hide the fabric and also to keep it clean and protect it from the sunlight coming through my windows. It's stacked according to color and season. I bought a box of 9x12 clasp envelopes at Costco for my patterns. I glue the front of the pattern on the front of the envelope and the back is glued on the back...it's so much easier to put the pattern pieces into a big envelope than trying to stuff back into the original one. They're stored in a four drawer filing cabinet.

This book looks like is has wonderful suggestions for the collection of the remnants I have amassed. My storage solution for them - old hard side suitcases that I've gotten at the thrift stores for next to nothing. When I also participate in craft shows,I also use them to transport the items and for display as well. It has a definite street vendor feel to it, but it also seems to satisfy that need to dig for a bargain that a lot of folks have.

I have found the best way to store spools of ribbon is on a pants hangar! Keeps them all together and I can hang up and cut just what I need! This new book looks great!

When I found out I was having twin girls a couple of years ago, I quickly lost my sewing room and had no choice but to re-organize. We converted a barn style storage building into my new sewing area, and in the process of moving all of my fabric stash into it, discovered that I could store more fabrics if I rolled them up like newspapers. I rubberband them in the middle and stack them on shelves in a locked cabinet (so little hands can't get into them). Makes it easier to see all of the "stash", and if I need a particular one from the bottom, it pulls right on out. Strangely, the others do not fall out.

I found a great storage item for little pieces like buttons, beads, and snaps. I had a revolving spice holder with little bottles that I didn't use anymore. So, I filled each one with the tiny sewing accessories and I can easily see what's in each one. Plus, it revolves making the location even easier.

I bought a used set of furniture with side tables with drawers and a clothing wardrobe for storing my fabric and projects. The shelves are great to organize my fabric on and the little hangers are useful for haning up half finished projects. when I'm done all i do is close the doors and it looks like a sitting room again.

I stole my daughters toy bin system to lay my fabric on. It has the wooden dowels that normally hold colored tubs, but I only use a few of the tubs and fold my bigger pieces of fabric and put them directly on the dowels.

This book looks wonderful, great ideas, and skirts are soo much fun to wear. I use clear totes of different sizes and the ones with drawers and wheels--they are great, I have several. My husband used two bottom cabinet bases and put a large piece of counter top across the two with opening in center--desk style--and this is a wonderful area to sew, paint and do all kinds of neat ideas. Best part is projects can be left out for the next available minute I have to work on them and not packed away when using the kitchen table. I love staying busy and this allows me to use my time more wisely.

I don't have any great storage ideas, I wish I did my fabric is in bins and I have to go searching through bins when looking for a particular fabric. My goal is to get orgainized and my office/spare room converted into a proper sewing room.

Oooo -- I love, love, love the skirt on the front of this book. The perfect shape to fit my shape!!! :)

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