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Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones

October 11, 2010

Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones

I bought Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones as soon as it hit the stands, long before I was expecting my own little one, because I loved InStitches so much. The projects are ADORABLE and rated for difficulty (which is a blessing when pregnant with limited energy). Amy puts her signature style on baby items to help modern moms feel stylish, cool and totally unmom-like. I have completed a few projects from this book and so has my mom. The patterns are typical AB patterns, easy to follow, clearly written and sometimes a few surprise finishes that are fantastic. My two favorite projects have to be the Cute Baby Booties and the Modern Diaper bag.

diaper bag.jpg

I made the Modern Diaper bag when I was about 8 mos pregnant and was nearing the end and was nesting. I knew what I wanted in a bag and what I didn't. I supposed it would have to be big. I did not want black plastic that screamed diaper bag. I wanted a modern shape, lots of pockets (I have an affinity for pockets and drawers). After the cursory Google search for patterns, I went through my book stash. It had been a while since I purchased the book and had forgotten about it. As soon as I be held this bag, I KNEW it was the one. Maybe a half a day of cutting and sewing later and it was complete. I was even more in love it with than the pictures led me to believe. I immediately began packing it with wee baby clothes and sundries. (I ended up over packing as I later discovered) This bag made the trip with me to the hospital and has faithfully followed me ever since. We have successfully transitioned from tiny baby, to crawling and now walking/running toddler. This bag has carried everything and then some.

AB booties.jpg

My second and perhaps most favorite are the Cute Booties. These were made around 7 mo of age, just as she started crawling. My little one didn't care to get past the army crawl for sometime because once you can go why learn a new way. This mode of propulsion was the demise of many a good pair of socks. She wore the toes out in less than a week. That coupled with the fact that she often crawled right out of her socks, I knew I needed something more. Once again I turned to my library and found the perfect solution in Amy's book. I cut 2 pair right away. The fluffy cushioning is just right to keep tiny feet padded and warm. The shoes are easy on and easy off and virtually unshakeable. The compliments these shoes garnered were also amazing. I had request from many non-parents for these booties in their size and many parents offered me great sums to make some for their kids. I have since retired the first pair but I have made several in graduated sizes since. The girl is too big for the given pattern sizes but thanks to my copier, I have managed to enlarge my pattern pieces and create more. They are really great for shoe-less homes, cold mornings and chilly nights when the footed Pjs are in the wash.

This book is a must for parents and non-parents alike. The patterns are easily adapted to adults, childless homes and when you are in need of a great shower, niece/nephew, or godchild gift.  

diaper cell pocket.jpg

diaper pockets.jpg

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very cute projects. i need to get a copy of this book!

Are you giving the book away? I want one so bad. I've had it waiting in my Amazon shopping cart forever!

LUV the booties! Wish I had a diaper bag like this one when I needed one! Great ideas for baby shower gifts, would luv to add this one to my collection!

If this is the giveaway for today, I would love to win it! Expecting grandchild #15 and can use some fresh new ideas! A daughter just became engaged over the weekend, too, so maybe more grandchildren in the future...? Oh, the cute Cute Booties!

Such cute booties!

Oh I love those little booties! Just had my 5th grandchild and could so use this book. Looks like it's just packed with great projects!!!

This book has all the elements for baby-stuff projects! Look at those sweet booties and that practical bag that can be made so cute for a mom or so manly for a dad and all the other things a family needs to welcome the new addition in comfort and style, their style, not the stores choices. The last baby bag I made was #% years ago. It is dated now, but was so cute then. This is even better.

What a cute bag! I wish I had something like this when I was in the baby stage!

Great bag and booties! I need to make those booties for my granddaughters!

I wish the book had as good of pictures as those those you provided. I feel that more pictures could be provided in her books.
They aren't cheap!

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