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The Ruffler- An Enigma?!

September 6, 2010

The Ruffler foot attachment is one of the most fun feet available for your sewing machine but it can be intimidating, frustrating and complicated. Rufflers attach in either screw-on (like changing out a shank) or snaps onto to your existing shank though some require the purchase of a low shank.

When I first received my ruffle I was pumped to get started but I was disappointed with the instructions and low quality pictures that came with it. "Surely I can figure this out myself", I thought, and "how hard can this be". Hard is the answer. This foot is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle embroidered with secrets. But hopefully my tips and pictures will make it easier for you to enjoy this essential attachment.

·         I insert and line up my fabric before attaching my ruffle to the machine. This helps because I have more room to work my fabric in and not the tight area where the ruffle attaches.

·         I DO NOT use the feeder prongs. All the videos I have watched advise you to use these 3 prongs to guide and feed your fabric. I find the prongs to only complicate things. 1) They don't allow me control over my seam allowance. 2) Getting your fabric lined up in the ruffle then under and around those prongs is too much work for no gain. 3) I just don't wanna

·         Work the foot around the needle arm before attaching it to your shank.

·         !!Line up your needle with the hole before you start sewing!!

·         Use a basting stitch

·         Make sure all adjustments for the machine and foot are tight and recheck often. My needle has fallen out and so has my foot because I didn't recheck half way through a really long ruffle.

·         Use a medium speed.

·         A problem with the ruffler is probably a problem with your machine. The only reason I discovered a crack in my bobbin case was because every time I used my ruffler my bobbin thread would knot up to the 100th degree. Everything else I sewed was fine.

·         The star means no ruffle. It took me extensive internet searching to discover that. It was not noted in my included instructions.

Ruffler 001 copy.jpg
Prepared to attach my fabric to my ruffler and my ruffler to my machine.
Ruffler 002 copy.jpg
It looks so scary but it isn't. Just wedge your fabric in there!
Ruffler 003 copy.jpg
Fabric loaded!
Ruffler 005 copy.jpg
The underside of the ruffler. See how I don't use those prongs. I hate 'em. 
Ruffler 011 copy.jpg
The finished beautiful result! This has a ruffle every 6 stitches and a nice 5/8 seam allowance. Ready to add to anything. Good Luck!

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