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Sewing Machine Cover

September 9, 2010

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Everyone needs a sewing machine cover for, umm, business purposes. You know, for, umm, covering your business. Bah- who cares? If you really need to make an excuse for making a sewing machine cover than perhaps you have too much business. They are super fast to make (most of the time) and super cute. Just another way to drape fabric around your sewing room, nook, or desk. A sewing machine cover helps keep the dust at bay (dust can gather in your machine, messing up your tension), can keep little hands away, block spills, etc. but really the reason I made one- not that all those above reasons aren't correct and, of course, great, but that is not why I made one. I wanted to make my machine pretty. When non-sewers com over, as impressive as my machine is (and let me tell you, this baby is loaded) they won't notice or care. It will just be a sewing machine to them. Like a banana or a pot hole. Not "Wow what a great machine", just "Hey, you've got a sewing machine! So do you sew"? But now, it will be "Wow, that is cute, I love it". Plus it makes me smile every time I walk in the room. And isn't that why we all sew, to make ourselves happy! So if you want to carve up a little more happiness for your machine there are tons of tutorials out there: Patchwork, selvedge, ribbon. But I used a simple tutorial that I think all will love by Sparkle Power. Candace used 3 vintage prints plus the lining, which looks amazing. I just had about 1 yd of this retro, bird print that I have been itching to put in my room somewhere. So you can use this tutorial for as many prints as you want to use. Just follow the basics. Mine took about 30 min from cutting to topstitching. I was able to use some fabric I had bought from the Retro & Mod Section and I had some awesome grosgrain ¾ in ribbon.  Unfortunately for me, I thought I was being clever when I measured my existing cover (that came with the machine) instead of the machine. I failed to take into account that the first cover was more/less free standing where as my new one would be more drappy so it is too long. I am going to say that I love the look regardless because I have no time to fix it. Don't try my clever route, measure your machine. Be sure and post your cover pictures on our Facebook page so all can admire and compliment.

sept shawl 004 copy.jpg


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I was just cleaning my machine of dust and grime. It came with a vinyl cover that ripped apart very easily, and I was thinking I should up-cycle some old jeans that don't fit anymore into a new cover for my machine. I can cut up the old vinyl one to use as pattern pieces. I'm thinking of integrating the pockets of the jeans into the new cover so that I will be able to tuck things into, such as my measuring tape, etc. Thanks again!

that is a lovely colored machine cover, it does dress up your machine doesn't it? And it is certainly an eye catcher. Never mind that it is too long, the advantage of that is that it keeps the dust away from the immediate surface around the machine and that to me seems even better (for the machine).
I live on a Caribbean island which means no "easy" cover for us unfortunately because we not only battle dust, we also battle sand, salt and lots of humidity. So I made a cover that totally wraps up around my machine, like the hard case it came in. I used felt as lining and sewed a thick oilcloth table cloth with a pretty African pattern of sunset, giraffes and trees on it, and caulked the seams around to prevent humidity from seeping in through the needle punctures (a tip from another quilter living in the Caribbean's too).
It is an eye catcher too, first thing people notice when they approach my work table.

You can purchase machine covers and of course some come with the machine itself.Maybe you've never thought of this but those sacks which you put winter/summer clothes in and stuff under the bed or on top of the wardrobe makes an ideal sewing machine cover.They are see through and come with a zip and here in Germany I buy them dirt cheap at IKEA
If your looking for a new Sewing Machine

All the best Tatiana

Ikea has a lot of fabrics too... to cover the plastic IKEA cover with :0D to make it look pretty.

I´m yhinking on making covers for all my machines... it does not look that nice.. even if workspace is tidy. My machine is lowered down in the table so I cannot put it away. <my workspace is a room in between the kitchen and hallway so I have to keep it neat (and it is,,, sometimes)

greetings from sweden!


Great quick & easy idea for a cover for our sewing/serging machines. You can mix & and match fabric pieces that coordinate and reflect yourself while indulging yourself with those pieces of fabric that the you of a decade or last week you JUST HAD TO HAVE! Moreover these covers make quick look changes for your sewing room. Also adapt size for kitchen applliances changing this easy cover for the seasons. Cotinue tomstretch your creativity for last minute hostess gifts, even faster witn a decoratively serged outer edge.

What a great idea! I've been thinking I should make one for my machines also. Just haven't taken the time yet. Yours is a cute as can be. Thank you for posting. :)

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