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Book Blog Bonanza! 09/30/2010

September 30, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!

Today, we're giving away copies of Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones with autographed bookplates to TWO lucky winners.



Congrats to the following commenters!

Abiga/Karen said:

I had so much trouble signing in here but it is worth it. I would love to have this book. Blessings

September 30, 2010 10:35 AM


love to create said:

I don't have a tremendously helpful piece of advice except for mothers to try to provide opportunities early on for their daughters to learn to sew and be creative. It will stay with them to some degree or another as it has with me, and it can benefit them in so SO many ways. This past summer my husband lost his job, and currently my health doesn't permit me to work outside the home. I love sewing and have wanted to start a home business making garments and home decor items. I'd love any books that give me ideas toward this end. As for notions - most used would be the seam ripper, much as I don't like having to use it. A notion I have found and really like is a little thing that looks similar to a seam ripper but with a hook to pull in stray yarns on sweaters.

September 30, 2010 11:44 AM

Winners have been contacted via the email provided.

Thank you for participating!  Keep the comments coming! We have MANY more signed books to give away! 



Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question: What's your favorite small notion and why?

The deadline for entries is today, September 30, 2010 at midnight ET.

Winner will be picked at random and announced sometime tomorrow, October 1, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: To be qualified, you must create a user name if you haven't already. Anonymous posts cannot be considered for entry.

*If you experience technical difficulties posting your comment, you may email your comment to blog(at)fabric.com to be included in the random selection process.


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Unfortunately, I need this book because I have no insights. I JUST bought a machine and enough fabric to choke a horse and now have to teach myself to sew and applique! I LOVE Amy Butler fabrics and would so love a copy of this book!

I'm always sewing children's clothes and many other projects. I'm always looking for more insights. The best one that I've learned is even the largest baby hat doesn't always fit. Measure the baby or child's head and make sure that the pattern is a little larger than the circumference of the head. Always plan for a lining in the hat or top of the dress so that the raw edges don't irritate their tender skin.

My insight is this: It's usually cheaper to just go buy what you want instead of making it, but there's no fun in that. At least shopping at Fabric.com helps keep the expense at a reasonable level. ha!

I have only sewn clothes for kids one time, but I am about to sew a Halloween costume for my nephew and my son. I could definitely use a refresher!

Funny story, when I was sewing the clothes (two dresses for my niece), I remember they seemed huge! So I took my son, who was only a little bit shorter than her even though he is a year younger and put him in the dresses to try them out. My husband was so annoyed when he found out, but the baby didn't know the difference!

I have used Amy's fabrics to create pajamas for my grandchildren and they are the favs among them. My favorite and best tip about a small notion is my size 5 crochet hook; I use it from everything to recovering a lost bobbin thread,as a bodkin,a pulled stitch sweater fixer and I always keep it handy on my magnetic cushion, it has polarity now so it also picks up stray needles and pins! Reading is my other passion besides sewing and I love to hear about others adventures in sewing! :)

I love to make things for children! And I love Amy Butler!
I think it's really important to put some kind of personal touch on everything you make. Make every pattern yours by adding a little special something to it! Use your imagination!

My insight is this - sewing for young children is fabulous because they are usually whirling twirling & it distracts from any imperfections in the garment. Which leads to my favorite notion: seam ripper

I admit I have had the chance to look at this book, but my favorite stitch tale involving little ones was having the honor of altering a traditional Korean outfit for a little girl's first birthday. It was very elaborate; a dress, headdress, booties, and a cardigan. I had to take in and shorten the sleeves on the cardi, and hem the dress. My handy cloth guide made it possible to keep all the hemlines perfectly straight. It turned out perfect, and she was so beautiful on her birthday!

Pressing! your iron is your best friend, pressing can give oyu a more professional look press at every oppertunity. Be sure to check your temperature settings though, scorched silk smells AWFUL, and gets expensive! Press on!

I love making clothes for my daughter and friend's kids. I'm always looking for great new books. I'm not sure I have a lot of insight except always measure the little ones before making them something. They grow sooo fast!

ooh, I have been drooling over this book for awhile now.
I think it's important to remember to laugh over your mistakes and to not take sewing too seriously. Be free, have fun.

I had so much trouble signing in here but it is worth it. I would love to have this book. Blessings

My favorite small notion is the yo yo maker! Its rare that I ever need just ONE fabric yo yo for a project and its difficult to stay consistent with size after making a couple. Yo yo makers really speed up the process and also keep the finished product consistent.

I love the look of this book! I have some great sewing books for inspiration but not one specifically for little ones, and I found we're now expecting grandchild #15! It's fun to sew for the little ones and a small project is completed faster!

What a great opportunity! I *love* Amy Butler fabrics and patterns. I have worked on her patterns since my beginning sewing days and have found them very easy to follow and have learned so much in the process. I have been wanting to get this book, because I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant! But this summer has been too crazy to sew anything for our little one. My favorite notion is the magnetic pin "cushion"... it makes taking off pins so easy while sewing!

Set aside time to finish off projects, it will make you feel better!

I love to sew for my girls. They are so proud to wear a piece of clothing that mommy made especially for them.

My top insight is nothing special, but being somewhat impatient to finish projects once I start, I learned back when I began sewing not to cut corners unless the pattern says too no matter how quickly I want to finish! That being said, I LOVE everything Amy Butler. My favorite small notion item would be the tool used to fabric cover buttons. I use it a ton!

Your site is impressive... and inviting. Through their growing up years, I made most of the clothing my daughters wore. Further, I made a prom dress each year for one girl who bought a raffle ticket... It was always the most awaited gown at the event.

I love to sew for children so much that I have now turned it into a side business. I would absolutely LOVE this book. Amy Butler fabrics are wonderful. I have not yet used one of her sewing patterns, but I have drooled over them many, many times. Sewing has always been something that came easily for me. I still remember my first sewing project I completed when I was only 6 or 7. I attended a private school at the time and one of our projects was to make a potholder for our mothers for Christmas. I made a log cabin quilt block that year and she still uses it today (that was nearly 30 years ago). My insight is this measure twice, cut once. It works in sewing just as much as it does in home construction. I always check and then recheck all measurements. Also if you are using commercial patterns, remember that sizes typically run larger than ready made clothes. Pay attention to the measurements, including the finished garment measurements, not simply the size listed on the pattern.

I have this book and love the projects in it! I would like to win a copy to gift to my daughter who just had her first child 2 weeks agon and is fairly new to sewing (why sew, when your Mom does it for you was her motto). She made her hospital gowns from some gorgeous polka dot fabric she bought from Fabric.com (of course) Her husband is in the military and they are stationed overseas, so Fabric.com is great about shipping to APO addresses!

I would LOVE to have a copy of this book! It's been waiting in my amazon shopping cart for a while now, just waiting for the funds to buy it. I hope I win!

My favorite small sewing notion is a little turning device that my Mom got me. I have big fingers and hands and it makes turning out straps so easy! I couldn't live without it.

I love sewing for my grandaughter, and have started sewing for my new grandson to be born in Dec. I guess I would have to say my favorite sewing notion would have to be a seam ripper, lol. Without it, I would have one big mess on my hands!!

Stitching for little ones is my favorite passtime. Sewing or knitting - it really doesn't matter. I have a big family and never enough ideas to go around.

My sister is having a baby in December and I am sure I would get a ton of great ideas from this book.

What fun it would be to have this book! I have a few pieces of Amy Butler that I bought from fabric.com and have been saving them for something special - I think this would be it. Fav small notion would have to be buttons, I put them on lots of stuff just for the fun of it.

I have been sewing for a long time and my favorite thing to sew is childrens clothes. I have a little granddaughter and I love to sew for her. I have enough fabric stash to do me for about a year but keep buying more..haha. I would love to have one of Amy's books, to see what fun things she has for me to sew.

An insight is to check fabric before cutting. I made an apron for my aunt and after having it all done, I noticed a small tear in the fabric and it was right in the middle of the apron in a spot that can't be covered up and now I don't have enough of the fabric left to make another one.

Any new little notions or tools that I see that will make my sewing a little easier, I buy.

I am trying to start up my own little business and this would give me some great ideas!!

I have no insite other than I love anything Amy Butler. She is one of my favorite fabric designers and I would love an autographed copy of her book

I recently started sewing clothing for my daughter and people started loving what I was making and I now have a small business of sewing custom creatations for other people- I LOVE it! But one of my first mistakes was I didnt use a different colored thread for basting one project - so when I went to remove the basting stitch when I was all done- I ended up taking out the other stitching with it and had to redo the whole thing!

I cannot remember what it is called but you can measure hem's with it. I use it for scrapbooking, framing pictures and pretty much anything that needs to be even. I have them all over my house.

I am a new grandma and starting to sew again. Now I need patterns and ideas.


I started sewing (a LONG time ago) when I almost HAD to make my own clothes (I had - notice HAD - that long tubular body-shape and when things were long enough, they were HUGE!). While I don't have that problem anymore (LOL) - I do need some technique updates and fresh ideas.
My favorite notion? My drawstring-replacer for athletic shorts/pants! It's a long flexible plastic "needle" with an "eye" on one end to put the drawstring through...run needle through the drawstring "pocket"...pull ends of string through front, re-tie and it's good as new!! I did this by pushing a large safety pin through for YEARS...until I spotted this in my local fabric store. PHEW! Piece o' cake!

I have recently "returned" to sewing. I love the new looks for children and want to try some clothes using organic fabrics. I hope they become easier to find and less expensive!

I've been sewing since I was ten years old. My passions are costuming and one of a kind art dolls. Thirdly sewing for infants and small children!

One of my favorite notions is the bodkin for turning pockets and tiny pieces. Another favorite is the thuble, a thimble of sorts made of a one inch square of fabric, stuffed slightly and worn on the thumb to hold pins!

I'd love this book to learn some things for my little ones! As i'm a new sewer I dont have much insight - however I do have a new love for ZIPPERS! Once you figure it out - its addictive!

I have been teaching myself how to sew and find that Amy's fbric and patterns are my favorite.

As a Grandma of 13 I'm always looking for new things to sew for my little ones. I love Amy Butler fabric and her ideas and designs. Here's keeping my fingers crossed that I win this book!

I don't have a tremendously helpful piece of advice except for mothers to try to provide opportunities early on for their daughters to learn to sew and be creative. It will stay with them to some degree or another as it has with me, and it can benefit them in so SO many ways. This past summer my husband lost his job, and currently my health doesn't permit me to work outside the home. I love sewing and have wanted to start a home business making garments and home decor items. I'd love any books that give me ideas toward this end. As for notions - most used would be the seam ripper, much as I don't like having to use it. A notion I have found and really like is a little thing that looks similar to a seam ripper but with a hook to pull in stray yarns on sweaters.

I loved sewing for my daughter and son when they were little. Now I am sewing for my grandsons. I always tweeking patterns.

What a fabulous giveaway! If there is anything I love more than sewing, it's perusing sewing books for great ideas and tips. My favorite small notion is my set of FastTurn tube turners. Where I used to spend what seemed like HOURS turning small straps or belts, I can now just whip those little things inside out!! A close second would have to be my specialty sewing machine feet like the narrow hem foot and edge stitching foot. With the proper equipment anybody can sew like a pro!

I love sewing. I love fabric!!! I learned to sew in high school (many years ago). I just started my sewing business.... sewing doll clothes and more (clothes for the 18" dolls, like American Girl dolls). Today I've been working on purses for the dolls.
my favorite little notion right now is a serger threader!!!! it makes threading my serger so much easier!

This book is very well laid out. I bring it to bed
with me to look at the pictures of fabric. A handy
notion that helps in making sewn items more polished
would be a rotary cutter & ruler

My favorite small notion most days is my seam ripper :)
I sew and then change my mind about the look and have to start again!
Love this book.

I love sewing, and recently just started. My Grandmother used to sew the most beautiful costumes for us!! She now has alzheimer's and doesn't do much of anything now. :( I Love her so much and hate this disease more. She showed me when I was younger how to start sewing, I wish I would have learned more from her.

I love fabric and seem to be SCARED of sewing as I'm a relatively new learner in both hand stitching and very basic sewing machine. I'm enjoying learning how to make little clothes for my GodDaughterm thank goodness SHE doesn't care about if it's lining up right! The seam ripper is currently my favorite notion!

I need lots of inspriation and ideas for sewing for little ones. I have just started sewing again after about 20 years of not touching my machine. My little grandson is due at the end of November and my daughter and I have been having lots of fun getting readying for his arrival. My favorite small sewing tool is the small pair of sissors I have at my fingertips when I'm sewing.

The book looks absolutely adorable! Love Amy Butler. My new favorite projects are for babies/kids. My favorite tool is an extra sewing machine, set up to sew with elastic thread for shirring, which I recently learned to do and LOVE!

I have just started sewing for my kids and as a home business trying to get off the ground so I can be a stay at home mom. I worked very hard on a big project for my daughters Halloween costume last year, I had to turn a bear pattern into a bat. It was frustrating and time consuming..and I about threw it in the garbage, but when I saw the wonder on my daughters face when she put on the finished deal and "flew" around the house and hugged me and told me she loved it...it made every stitch worth it. My biggest insight is to shop smart with my fabric. It is easy to get caught up in the prettiest thing, but I try to check the clearance racks and such too. You can find some great deals on gorgeous fabric that way.

I have two other Amy Butler books (In Stitches and the new Bag one) and I LOVE them- I have a new nephew on the way and this would be a great addition to my collection! My favorite (and simultaneously most hated) notion is my seam ripper. I hate when I have to use it but I know it's very necessary! As my sewing teacher says, "As you sew, so shall you rip!"

I am about to be a grandma for the 4th time and I love sewing for my grandbabies. My favorite tool in sewing is a pair of very small very sharp scissors, I can undo mistakes and clip curves very neatly. My favorite sewing projects are Halloween costumes with the kids, they love Halloween and so do I!

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