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Fabric Scraps = Fabric Necklaces!

August 17, 2010


I love using fabric scraps- for anything I can. Luckily for me, fabric necklaces are very popular right now! I've seen bib style necklaces in magazines- with felt backing, swirls of fabric and beading scrolling around your neck. I prefer to go for something a little less bold- but still make a statement.

Lightweight fabric is best to use- lightweight lining or chiffon is best. You can choose a print or solid, or both; just remember both sides of the fabric will show.  All you need to do is cut a 17'' X 6 ΒΌ'' rectangle- finish the edges with a roll hem, or use pinking shears for a raw look without having to worry about unraveling! I used a decorative hem stitch on my serger, with a different color thread. Once the edges are to your liking, fold one side over, not quite meeting the edge.  By hand, or by machine, baste stitch across the center of your folded fabric- then gather to create the ruffles. Thread a necklace chain through the generous loop you've created and you're done!

You can secure the edges of your fabric ruffle to the chain, or not, depending if you want to switch out your chains. Heavier weight chains are best to use because they help weigh-down  the lightweight ruffle.

This ruffle fabric necklace is an elegant way to add color to any outfit, with a fun, flirty twist. In my upcoming wedding, I plan on presenting these DIY gifts to my bridesmaids to wear with their black cocktail length bridesmaid dresses. I love the idea of adding pops of color! I'm still debating whether or not to give them all the same color or mix and match. Much of my wedding is DIY- with loads and loads of precious fabric scraps. So keep that stash going, and I'll show you more creative ways to put those scraps to good use!

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