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Fall, Football and Staying Warm

August 30, 2010

Football games are being played everywhere now. Despite the fact that it's still summer in the Beautiful South, the sound of a high school football game on a Friday night brings fall to mind. Fall means cool temperatures, and those games can get chilly. I have a few suggestions for staying warm at the games and showing your team spirit at the same time.

You've seen them on TV, you've seen them in the drug store, and there are even pub crawls that blanket w sleeves.jpginclude those famous blankets-with-sleeves as required attire. As much as they are ridiculed, the blankets-with-sleeves are terribly practical. If you couldn't find the color or team you are looking for to take to the game, we have a pattern for you. Kwik Sew has a Blanket with Sleeves pattern sized for the whole family. We have NFL and Collegiate fleece patterns that are perfect for wearing at the game. If your favorite team is not represented, we have fleece in every color in the rainbow to match your favorite team's colors.

If you are not the Blanket-with-Sleeves kind of person, I have some stylish options for fleece that may suit you better. Kwik Sew also has some great poncho patterns including ones with hoods, mother/daughter versions, and asymmetrical ponchos. These can be made from any kind of fleece including the lighter weight fleece for those in warmer areas. We also have some great jackets that would be so cute made out of the fleece with the team logos. You will be the only one in the stadium with a custom made fleece jacket with your favorite team logo.

Cheer them on, and stay warm! I hope you have a great football season!

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