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Cobb Children's Theatre

August 11, 2010



One of my favorite parts about working at Fabric.com is getting to help a variety of charities, guilds, groups, clubs, causes, etc.  I had the extra special chance earlier this spring to lend a hand to a group in my own backyard (well, close to it), and I dragged my fabulous coworker Holly along for the ride.

Enchantress2.JPGCobb Children's Theatre, Inc. is a non-profit, all volunteer theater group for children and young adults 11-25.  I have known many people who have participated in this wonderful program, including my little sister and my future sister-in-law.  Unlike some theater groups, CCT is not about creating child stars but about teaching strong teamwork, determination and perseverance.   These kids (and the adult volunteers) work EXTREMELY hard, not only studying their lines and learning the choreography, but building sets and making costumes, too.  They put in long hours and bust their little rear-ends, and the passion really shows in the final product.

Belle.JPGThis last spring my sister participated in CCT's production of Beauty and the Beast, and my mother volunteered for various odd jobs.  A few days into the pre-production process, my mother called me to say that the costume and set budgets were less than optimal, and the human resources to do the sewing and construcstion were even scarcer.  With the fabulous Mrs. Frey and her extensive costuming experience at the ready, we set to work helping find fabrics for various costumes and set pieces.  Some, like the Enchantress, were fairly easy (embroidered taffeta).  Others, like curtains for the sets, took a little more effort (printed canvas that had to resemble tapestries).  Holly was there for advisement on some of the costumes, and I helped my panicked mother pull together last minute costumes for the most adorable teacups I've ever seen (pic below).

teacups.JPGI saw the play on opening night, and I have to admit that I was shocked at how professional the production was.  The sets were much more impressive than I expected (all made by volunteers and the performers), and the stage hands worked as seamlessly as old pros (even though they were all middle and high schoolers).   The acting was fantastic, and you could tell everyone on stage was having fun.  To add to the excitement of every little girl in the audience, the actress playing Belle sounded almost exactly like the actress from the Disney movie (it was almost a little freaky how much she sounded like her).

gaston.JPGIf you happen to be in the Marietta, GA area, the next CCT production is "Into the Woods" on August 20-22, and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out (and volunteer).  If you aren't in Georgia, look into your own local theater groups to see where you can help out.  Whether you pitch in your sewing skills for the costumes or even just buy some tickets and take your family for a special night out, you can rest assured it's all for a great cause.

Check out the Cobb Children's Theatre site.

Some of the fabrics we donated:
Vintage suede
Duchess satin
Embroidered sequined taffeta
Cotton broadcloth
Metal clasps


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