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Review of Nashua Snowbird Yarn

July 28, 2010


70% wool, 30% alpaca, 100% fun. My review for Nashua Snowbird must extend back to our first meeting. I was planning my July blog calendar and had just falling head of heels for the Coco Knits Ballet Slipper that this yarn ultimately went on the create when I first beheld this yarn.

Wait, I must interrupt myself. I have been listening to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen so should my language seem overly formal and slightly romantic, you will know the cause.

Back to our story. After choosing my pattern, I needed a yarn. I imagined something wooly but not full wool. I wanted it to offer good stitch definition but also offer some fluffy since I like a good fluffy slipper. I also wanted to select a yarn that was different from the yarn used in the pattern to offer you a different take on the pattern and encourage my readers to experiment. I found all of this and more in Nashua Snowbird.

I have been a fan of Nashua yarn since discovering Ivy (it is a wool/alpaca mix with some metallic threads woven in for glamour). Snowbird is another notch on their belt. It is well wound (no split stitches at all) and the color combination was really what landed me. The 2 colors strands of the yarn were bold but similar enough to be exciting without too much daring. The colors knit up in a way that I had not imagined but was even better than expected.

ballet slip6.jpg

The yarn is fluffy but gives the definition that I was looking for. The fluffiness is very evident when wearing my slippers. They are slippery but also very comfortable. The wool gives nice elasticity that the pattern needs since it incorporates so many techniques that inhibits stretch. The many K2togs and pleats make for a tight fit that cotton or even silk would not compliment.

A search on Ravelry shows that this yarn has been featured in many projects including hats, sweaters, toys and scarves. I would recommend it for any and all of the above projects. It would really shine with large cables and textured stitches. Snowbird might complete too much with fancy lacework unless the lace were worked on very large needles and very exaggerated.

To end: I loved this yarn and my slippers and have secured it a spot on my Christmas gift list. 

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