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Organizing your yarn

July 15, 2010


There once was a young girl, ignorant and inexperienced. Her world changed in a day. The day was Christmas day and started like any other. The young girl celebrated jovially with her family as they gathered around the tree for presents. As she began to open her presents, the girl had an eerie feeling that her life was never going to be the same. She was right. That Christmas was the year that she received her first knitting book and that girl was me. For the first few years, my house runneth over with yarn. It was everywhere: in the coffee table, closets, under the bed, on my nightstand, purse and in the guest room. But now, I have found organization and am at peace (Om). My yarn is happy and I am happy. Everyone in my family can walk unobstructed by yarn tails and balls rolling under foot.


Quite an odd segue for yarn organization, I know, but I am a stream of consciousness kind of gal. Plus when it comes to yarn organization sometimes a little story helps get ya in the mood. Face it, if you are anything like the majority of knitters, you have let you yarn run amuck for way too long and organizing it into submission. A story helps but so do pictures, to help you get ideas for your space, style and stash.

If you have limited space, let me suggest investing in shelves (I think the work 'invest' is misleading. I don't mean that the shelves cost an arm and a leg but that you should consider them an asset). You can then display and systematize your yarn while saving valuable floor space. Consider magazine to sort each yarn by project. Or some cool vintage-y wire containers for each fiber. Baskets are also a great option for you traditional knitters. If you are so inclined add a basket liner embroidered with each weight of yarn.

Should you have some floor space available consider a small piece of furniture. I have seen some bloggers using wine rack but I don't see that as a high capacity solution. A pie safe is an excellent option, like Loopy Ewe's. It lends a classic/farm house feel and once filled with yarn; it keeps your skeins dust free while still leaving them on display. A small dresser, like this one from IKEA, is another opportunity which still allows a glimpse of your yarn but with all the functionality of drawers.


Should you have a significant of floor space to offer up the yarn gods, try cubbies. I see this in many yarn stores as their display of choice. Many furniture stores offer a cubby system of some kind. I use this in my sewing room as you saw in my video and to your left. Cubbies are great for stacking lots of yarn in several different compartments. You can display your yarn by weight, color, fiber, or project. Check out these cubbies as another great example of the fun to be had with cubbies.

I hope you will share your yarn organization tips on our Facebook page or twitter. I am always looking to change it up since my stash is ever-evolving.


Picture 1: Craftzine

Picture 2: Loopy Ewe

Picture 3: GrueneTree

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