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Knitting for Baby

July 22, 2010

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I love knitting for babies but I didn't always. Before I joined the club, I had decided that knitting for babies was foolishness. Foolishness, I say! First, babies do not care one whit what they are wearing. Second, babies outgrow everything at a rate that exceeds the amount of time it took to knit the item. Third, from the rumors I had heard floating among other non-members, babies seemed to gain a cruel, almost nefarious, pleasure from spitting up on the cutest of baby presents. "That is not for me" said I. I will stick to knitting for those who appreciate it and can keep their stomach contents where they belong. However, all those thoughts dissipated with a quickness the moment my little one was born. Everything was so cute on her wouldn't it be even cuter if I had knit it, I questioned (it was of course rhetorical). My reasons against knitting for babes were rapidly replaced with arguments in favor. First, babies are cute, so cute and the perfect models for oversized sweaters, scarves used instead of warmth but to play hide n' seek, and colorful blankets. Second, babies are so super cute because they are small and small things are knit quickly. Third, Babies like bright colors and soft yarn. What a coincidence... So Do I! It was settled. I began to knit and as I did I came up with some rules (I mean guidelines. Who likes rules any way?)

The Baby Knitting Guidelines (Should you not be a member of the club please, PLEASE, heed these rules. Mothers follow your own rules but peruse should be you curious)

1)      Let it be washable. For the love of all that is small and cute, plan on it being washed again and again. Babies may smile and giggle at all you do but it is because they are plotting and all that smiling is a carefully planned ruse to make messes and get away with it. Their favorite palette, themselves. There is nothing they won't use to obtain this goal. They are cute and devious. Beware

2)      Let it be soft. No mother wants to put a scratchy wool sweater on their baby as much as you do not want to spend hours working with it. Test the yarn; rub it on your skin. Knit up a swatch and rub it on the inside of your wrist, your forehead or even your belly (all sensitive places). If the baby will touch it there so should you. If you love it so will the baby. Remember, babies do not really care how beautiful it is but momma's care how it feels.

3)      Let it be oversized. Anything knitted will take you so time and, granted, the baby will look so stinkin' cute in it that mom will want her to wear it forever and ever. We become dismayed when out baby outgrows a beloved item. But big garments can be tucked and rolled to fit well before the baby is actually to size.

4)      Let it be appropriate. A delicate lace shrug may seem like a good idea when you see it stylized in a pattern book but once the baby gets its toe caught in a YO or snags it again and again on the cabinet pull, it will become a hazard and ruined. There are many baby proof stitch patterns out there. Stay away from anything too delicate or lacey.

5)      Let there not be too many buttons. Babies wiggle. That is all I have to say on this.

Well, the hour grows late and I must get back to my baby. My knitting list for her has already outgrown that for myself. One day she will knit on her own and I might be allowed to knit for myself. Then again, I may just serve as a second set of needles set to check off her list.   

Here are some link to our great Baby Yarns (Yum):

Lion Brand Organic Cotton

Lion Brand Baby Wool

Filatura Baby Yarn (fun Pom-pons)

Vanna's Baby Yarn

Lion Brand Baby Soft

Rowan Cashsoft Baby

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In recent years I have knitted blankets, hats and booties for babies and donated them to my local hospital anonymously with the only request that they be given to mothers who might not have anything handmade for their babies. We have a lot of very young and very poor mothers deliver at out hospital. One year I knitted sets for premees. Some of them were saved for premees who died. This year I am knitting hats for our coat drive.

thanks for this wonderful procedures, it really helps me. so now i know what is the proper way. :)

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