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Fun with Buttons!

July 23, 2010

button flower hairbob1.jpg

I love buttons!

"But Tara", you might remark, "You say that in every article.""

"Of course", I will answer, "why would I write about anything I don't love".

 And buttons are at the top of the list. They are small, fun, and come in a wide range of size, colors and shapes. Buttons can be used for a wide range of projects and are not relegated to coats, cardigans and pants only. Just do a simple search for button projects and you will find more than you can complete in a year. My favorites are accessories; they turn a simple outfit into something special. Accessories are great for stretching your vacation wardrobe. Double Bonus!

Let's go over a few ideas with links included.

Craftstylish has a great tute on crafting a bracelet and ring from fabric covered buttons.

Thinks Crafts can show you how to make a button pendant

Craftlog has the cutest stacked button ring ever

button flower hairbob.jpg

But enough of that, I have my own project: a button flower hair bob. You can wear it with a bun, on your wrist as a corsage, wrap it on a head band or even slip it on to a belt with your fave dress.

Cut a strip of fabric 2 in by 12 in and from a coordinating fabric a strip 1 in by 12 in. Lay the 1 in strip on top of the 2 in strip, lining up the edges. Use a running strip, ΒΌ in from the edge and pull tight and knot. Stack 2 of your favorite buttons and attach them to the center of the fabric flower. Turn your button flower over and stitch on a rubber band and you are done. It takes no time. You can whip up a bunch for additions to gift bags and cards. Decorations for wine bottles as hostess presents. The sky's the limit. 

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where can I buy nice childrens buttons

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