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Christmas in July- The knitted edition

July 2, 2010

knit flower tank.jpg

Now is the time to start planning your knitted Christmas presents. Not that it necessarily take 5 months to knit presents for your family and friend but it takes time to find the perfect pattern, find and order yarn and then time to knit it to perfection (especially if you are working on a new pattern). Starting now gives you time to make a list and do it right without stress. This way if you decide to take a night off for wine bar hopping, a wine tasting or trip to Napa Valley, you've got time. The last thing you want is it being Dec 22nd and you have 2 scarves, 3 hats and 1 sweater left to finish and block!

Now, where to begin? Ah...the fun part. Planning is always fun for me because it involves lots of window shopping, very little price tag looking and much imagining of people opening presents with looks of delight painting their faces. Make a list of those for whom you wish to knit presents. Next, decide the general genre of the present (i.e. hat, shawl, gloves, etc). Then start your search. I always start at Knitty but Ravelry is another good place to start given the rating system. Your library of books in another starting place. I curl up on a comfy seat pulled up next to the shelf with a cup of coffee. Once you have all your patterns selected, it is time to pick your yarn (SIGH. I love yarn shopping!). Make another list of all the yarn you will need. I generally categorize it by fiber. Then if I can combine orders or yardage (say you only need 50 yds from this ball and it will work for another project, then you can combine it and save). Unless I have a definite image of what one project should look like, I try to be flexible with fiber and color so I can combine.

Next, estimate how much time you will need for each project. I write this down on the pattern itself along with the yarn I selected for it. A good way to estimate is to check out completed projects on Ravelry. Each project lists when someone starts and finishes and you should get a good feel for how long it will take. Then get started. I would recommend prioritizing your list but at this point you have already made enough lists and you should just start whichever project you are most excited over.

Odin's eagles2 copy.jpg

But wait...Let's make a plan B. Let's face it, knitting Christmas present can be much like starting a diet: You are die-hard for a while then you get distracted and lose you way. That is why a Plan B is in needed in case you have too much wine too often or your husband insists on taking you out dancing (crazy talk, I know). I like to take readymade objects and add little knitted somethings so the sentiment of a handmade present is still there but in a limited amount of time. Some good ideas are:

·         Hand towels with knitted edgings

·         Knitted flowers added to a tank top or tee shirt

·         Wristlets

·         Purchased sweaters with added details (knitted appliqués, monograms, edgings or ruffles)

·         Crazy cozy- chicken for your teapot, pig for your toaster

·         Knitted fruit and veggies are great for kids

Sally2 copy.JPG

There are many little things you can knit and give or add to readymade items. This will give you tons of satisfaction but none of the stress or guilt so often plaguing us during and leading up to the holiday season. 

Writer's note: The above pictures are a super cute tank top with knitted flowers added on in a cluster and a knitted inset in red flannel to make a pillow. The pattern is Odin Eagle for my Norwegian MIL but I did not have time to knit the whole pillow. This compromise allows me to give my MIL something she will love in a 1/4 of the time. The striped scarf is my free Sally Stripe pattern found here

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Thanks for the great ideas and resources. I need to stay organized this year so I can enjoy it. I crotchet instead of knit, but I got inspired. Thanks!

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