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Chapeau, Chapeau!

July 20, 2010

I love hats. There's an irony there, since I rarely wear them. But I do have a pretty sizable collection, many of which I made. There's a lovely joie de vivre for me in hat making -- just a small amount of fabric yields a unique new creation. It's a great way to buzz through the scrap pile, and you can let your inner child run a bit. What's the worst that happens if you make a hat that looks ridiculous? You just save it for a costume party or a day when you need a little whimsy. Win!

When we first got the pattern for the Sunny Side Up Sunhat, I was super excited. Even though it's billed as a sunhat, it's easily adaptable to other uses. As many of our Facebook friends commented when they first saw the sneak peek of this little gem, there is a little bit of a Regency era look to the silhouette.

I decided to make one version of the pattern as a regular sunhat, using a zebra print similar to this fabric and a pink twill. I interlined with a piece of canvas I had in my stash.


The resulting hat is fun, but it is a little flopperific. The canvas I used wasn't very stiff, so while it added body, it's definitely got a droop factor going on. Still fun for beach time or gardening!

For the second hat, I opted to explore the less sun-oriented possibilities for this pattern. I had some black crushed velvet in my stash, as well as some pewter taffeta, so my plan was hatched. This time, I used an iron-in stabilizer on my fabric for a little extra crispness, and shortened the brim by about 3/4" just by trimming it after I had sewn all the pieces together. I also reduced the height of the band by about 50%. No real precision work there - I just eyeballed it.

I actually really like how this hat turned out. For these pictures, I tossed on a flower clip that Melanie had in her office, but really, you could use almost any little accessory for a hat like this to dress it up or down and adapt it throughout the fall and winter months. I really love the Florentina Flower Brooches and Jeweled Feather Brooches that we carry, or you can just make something of your own design to really customize the look.

As far as assembly goes, this is a quickie! I think the first hat took me all of about two hours, and the second was even faster because I was familiar with the pattern. As Melanie mentioned in her post, it is a teeny bit small as is. I have a smallish noggin (21.75" circumference), so that worked fine for me. There is some wiggle room with the open back, but it might be worth adjusting if you prefer something a little larger.

Get your free copy of the Sunnyside Up Sunhat pattern here. Don't forget, Melanie put together a fab tutorial for assembling pattern downloads here on the blog if you need it!

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