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Stitch n Bitch

June 25, 2010


Stitch N Bitch: Embrace it, come to love it. Yes, it has a curse word in it and for good reason, too. Broken down to its simplest a stitch n bitch, or SnB, is knitting (or crochet) and chatting. Yes, I will grant that a good part of the time is spent, well, bitching but it is not centered on husbands. Who has time for that when your double decrease with a purled YO in between is just not working out on these $@&$! needles for the 100th time! A SnB is a group of like minded people getting together to do something they love in good company while sipping some Joe or vino. You can learn new techniques, compare new techniques, show off techniques-- What is this, you ask. Oh [shrugs shoulders], I am just knitting 2 socks at once. No big whoop [You struggle to close your jaw].  A SnB is a great place to check out new patterns and yarns in person. Reviews are prevalent, as is advice (warranted or not) and persuasion to try this or that. Coveting is also one of the best reasons to attend your local SnB. Casually toss down your new Jordana Paige knitting bag on the table and see the eyes widen and the shopping trips planned. I love checking out all the goodies others have found when I go to SnBs.

Finally, a good Stitch N Bitch is a great place to unwind. You don't have to see your messy house (unless you are hosting), worry about your cat going after your yarn ball again, listen to the kids' favorite movie again. It is just you and your pals, knitting quietly or NOT; having a good time. I can breathe and relax and when I get home I am ready to deal with laundry again (ok not actually but I am willing to consider it).

Finding a Stitch n Bitch in your area can be easy if you know where to look. First place to check are your Rec centers and Churches--any place that regularly hosts groups. Next you can check your local paper for area activates. Online is the easiest by far. You can start with simply googling your city + stitch n bitch and see what comes up. There are also sites dedicated to helping you and a SnB find each other. However, not all SnBs are listed on every site or at all. Check out the forums of your favorite knitting websites. The Knitty Coffeeshop has a string for SnBs.

When all else fails, start your own. Find a comfortable place to host (I often use my front porch) and plan a time and day. Think about the time--after work, you might want to provide food or suggest potluck; in the morning, you will need to offer coffee; lunch time, etc. If you don't want to provide food, try it in the afternoon, midmorning or evening. I prefer evening and ask everyone to bring their favorite wine. Set up a gathering area with some flat surfaces to set down needles, projects or glasses. That is pretty much all your prep time. Don't go overboard; this is not a dinner party. Now get the word out. You can talk to friends, post is on your status or tweet it. You can announce it on any of the mediums discussed in the above paragraph online. Then wait. A SnB is organic. It will not sprout overnight. If you are determined, friendly and open, people will come. It may be one or two to begin but word will spread and the good times will be had.

A great place to plan your SnB or scope one out is to visit Fabric.com's Ravelry Group Discussion Page. The Fabric Dot Commeners are an awesome group with plenty of friendly folks.

You can also put a shout out on our Facebook page.


Knit Happens Virtual SnB board

The above picture is a pair of Jaywalker Socks started at my last SnB meeting

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Sounds like a complaint group to me. I try to avoid them. You just lost a customer.

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