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Some free patterns for you!

June 7, 2010

dragon tail pattern.jpgHi all, 
It seems fitting that this weekend of all weekends I choose to lose my beloved camera. Oh, I had several projects set up for you one; one of which was an awesome kid's tent that I had whipped up for the second present for the birthday party we attended on Sat. The tent was a big hit so aren't you so upset that you don't get to see the photos. I bet you will just cry yourself to sleep tonight. I hope that what I can offer you as a consolation prize will serve to cheer you up. It is just a camera after all. I am most upset about the hours I lost looking for it. Oh- I had also planned to discuss Favorite Things Cute Skirt Pattern since I had just completed it with some fabric I had stashed for years. As much as I want to share this with you, we must promise ourselves to wait patiently for the pretty pictures. I am just not confident enough that my words, as wonderously spellbinding as they may be, will do this skirt justice and you will once again sink into a sewing-induced sadness. 
So to buffer you further, you will be delighted to discover that these patterns are all FREE and all designed by me. They are mostly kid oriented though you could make the crown in adult sizes for a baby shower, bachelorette party or  a halloween costume. Each pattern can be customized for girls and boys. All are pretty quick projects so should you have more than one child, you can (hopefully) minimize fighting by creating one for each and allowing them to pick out the fabric. Most use quilting cotton and felt so they can be inexpensive projects, as well. This fact also makes them washable, though you may not want to wash the crowns should you use poly felt and beading. 

We begin our story with The Dragon Tail (a 2 part download dragon tail pattern.pdf and Dragon Tail.pdf). This wonderful pattern is great for the Shrek lover, dino lover or whoever loves to dress up. Easily made feminine with some ribbons sew on the end and maybe some pink, sparkly felt as accent. You can make some yo-yo flowers to make a fancy, ready-for-the-ball dragon tail. You can also make it tougher by using pleather for the scales or gromments can serve as bullet holes for the battle dragon. I created this as a present for a 3 yr old but you can use them as party favors, a potty prize, or just dress up fun. 

birthday crown-jack and cami.JPG
Next, I would invite you to try making a Birthday Crown (Birthday Crown.pdf). Popular on the blog circuit for years, everyone has a different take on this classic. Create your own for your special birthday boy or girl with this easy to follow pattern. Customizing is so easy and fun. Everyone can get in on the action. Have no doubt that your children will soon be sporting day of the week crowns or one for every holiday since this pattern is really quick. I created one for my daughter when she turned one and another for a neighbor for her little girl. Boys may prefer skulls, dinos, swords or police badges appliqued on their crowns instead of jewels. 

Last, I offer you a Spider Super-Hero applique pattern (Spiderman.pdf). This was created for a 4 yr old who loved this hero and swore to me that he did not have a spiderman shirt. I have since learned that he was mistaken and I added to his collection. In any case this is a great pattern to have if you have too many plain tshirts in need of attention, or were invited to a party last minute. You never know when you will need spiderman, which, I assume is one reason he is so darn super!      

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