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Sewing Summer Projects

June 30, 2010


There are few times during the summer season when the breeze is blowing, the sun is shining and the temperature is just right when I have thought to myself: "Gee, I sure do wish I was inside tucked behind my sewing machine.Not!" Sure, there are lots of projects I would love to spend all day hidden away in my sewing room (Blue Sky hat comes to mind) but during the rainy days or naptime. Most of summer is spent with doors open and sun on my face. But I can't just sit there not making stuff. That is what I do- I make. I want to make outside. Why can't I have both? Oh, right, I totally can. Here are some great summer projects to take outside with you: to the pool, beach, cook-out or just into the back yard.

Embroidery is huge: I know I love it. You can combine a bright array of colors on a neutral background but it doesn't look horrendous. Just colorful. Plus, there are many new designers out there embroidering outside the box, making new patterns that are hip and fun. How about a pirate for your living room? No? Perhaps a vintage camper will catch your fancy. Sublime Stitches features some creative and awesome embroidery patterns that are perfect for summer stitching. Hilary Lang (Wee Wonderfuls) is another young and amusing embroidery designer. Inspired by her children, Lang's patterns remind me of classic toys meets modern hues.

Hand sewing is also a favorite outdoor past time. The rhythm reminds me of knitting, the same relaxing movements. I prefer to take small projects that don't involve many pieces. I also look for whimsical projects that will keep my attention. You won't see me with a hand sewing a white, button down on my porch but you might find a softie or small kitchen project in my lap. Zakka Sewing is the perfect book to pick out some summer sewing projects. All of the projects are perfect for hand sewing and are small, fun ideas. Craft Magazine featured a pencil case shaped like a bunny. Softies Central gives a peek at some of the project including embroidered Mary Jane slippers. They make me want to squeal like a little girl. Perhaps I will.


Of course you cannot forget the old standby: Yo-yos. Though you can no longer think of them in the same way. Yo-yos are being applied in so many different ways that you should always have a dozen made up just in case inspiration hits. Embellish tank tops, pillows, hair clips, and jewelry. The applications are endless and amazing. Yo yos are so easy to make it is almost silly, couple that with these quick yo yo makers and it will seem against nature not to make tons of yo yos.  Yo yo are easily hand sewn and are quick. Extra fun in bright patterns, you can mix and match all your favorites. A yo yo is basically a small circle of fabric with a long, running stitch around the perimeter, about ΒΌ in from the edge. You pull your thread to pull the yo yo together and secure your end. Voila, one yo yo ready for embellishing!

Summer projects are quick, easy and most of all relaxing. Coupled with your favorite drink (like Blackberry iced tea, Yumm!) and you will wish for an endless summer.  

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Oh my... This is very inspiring! I love how cute the yo-yos look with the button in the middle. I'm thinking this would be a great way to use up scraps, and I could stuff a little fiberfill in the yo-yo, then tie up the middle and add a button from the button stash... Then attach them together like a quilt, and have a very warm and adorable reversible quilt!

Oooh... or get some pretty coordinating metallic fabrics and some pretty shiny silver buttons... Christmas is coming!!! :)

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