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Peachy Beachy Coverup Reimagined

June 18, 2010

MCHPCoverup3.JPGAs Holly mentioned yesterday, a couple of us decided to put our own personal spin on th Hot Patterns Peachy Beachy Coverup free pattern download.  I didn't need another swimsuit coverup (believe me, I'm the queen of poolside coverage), but I still like the style and ease of the pattern.  Instead, I decided to go with something a little less casual but still with the coverage and layering aspect. 

I love cute little black dresses and light tanks, but often they are not appropriate business attire.  I also have had some velvet silk burnout for a while for which I have been waiting for just the right project to come along.  I immediately started mentally sketching out a slightly modified version of the pattern that would result in a top that could be worn with several looks, whether over a nice black dress or with a tank top and jeans.  I wanted to add a few more little special touches to glam it up, so I used this as the perfect opportunity to play with some toys and goodies I've been stashing away (I'll go into further detail in a minute).

Of course, because of my fabric choice and modifications, it took me quite a bit longer to sew my top together than it would have if I stuck to the pattern and the suggested fabrics.  I am pleased with the finished result, so I think it was worth the extra time and effort.

MCHPCoverup1.JPGHere are a few of the changes I made and some other notes of interest/random babblings:

  • I shortened the bottom part of the pattern by 4-5 inches, making it so that it hit me at just below hip level.  I really didn't do much in the way of measuring.  I simply held the pattern up, figured roughly where I wanted the bottom to be, and then folded the pattern up.
  • Since I was working with a sheer fabric, I not only had to trim the seam allowances but also had to finish them off.  Okay, so I may have cheated and used fray check here and there.  Also, like Holly, I trimmed the facing to avoid bulk and visibility.
  • As much as I love it, silk velvet burnout is a pain to work with.  There was no way I was going to mess with a handmade hem, so I ran the edges through a 6mm rolled hem foot.  If you do not own at least one of these marvelous things, I highly suggest you get one.  They are fantastic little time and sanity savers.
  • Instead of doing one covered button and a loop, I tacked the top in three places, from where the pattern calls for a button to just above the tie.  I then sewed adorable little JHB dragonfly buttons over where I tacked the fabric.  You may want to do the buttons the normal way, but I have no intention of ever needing to unbutton it so I skipped the step.  If you haven't checked out the button section, I would whole-heartedly recommend doing so.  Our buyers and merchants have been picking out some great little gems.
  • For a little bit of extra glam, I accented a couple of the flowers in the fabric pattern on the breast with a handful of hotfix crystals.  I was a little worried about making it a little over-the-top, but I'm really glad I did this.  I love the way it turned out.
  • I have not done so yet, but I may actually add a godet to bottom part at each side seam to give it a little more valume.  Not so much that I look like I'm expecting a bundle of joy, but just enough to make it a little more flouncy and fluttery.
  • Holly was also correct that the adorable cat did not appear.  This is not too big of a problem because I already have two of my own.

MCHPCoverup2.JPGI am very pleased with how the top turned out, and I really look forward to wearing it throughout this brutally hot summer.  If you have made your own version of the pattern, we want to see it!  Post it on our Facebook page and share the creative vibes!  Keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for another free pattern download that you will fall head-over-heels for.  I'm simply brimming with excitement...

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This is a beautiful version of the beach cover-up. You've not only done a fine job here, but your instructions are clear and thank you for that!
I recently purchased some of Bellezza silk-cotton lawn which looks to be just right for this style. However, I want to print and assemble the paper pattern before I start whacking away with the Ginghers. The design at first, looks to be overall; upon reflection I suspect it is actually a one-way.
It's a tad late in the year to make summertime garments. There is always next year. (Spoken like a true blue Cubs fan) Cordially, Nehmah

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