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Making appliques from coloring sheets

June 10, 2010

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Appliqués are not only popular in children's clothing but also adults. You can customize a store bought present, make something extra for a new baby or make that plain t- shirt trendy instead of blah. You can purchase readymade appliqués or you can make your own.

My favorite method of making appliqués is using printable coloring sheets. There are many pros to using this medium:

1)      They are a great size. Always printed on 8/5 x 11 in paper, any character you decide on will fit on a baby tee up to an adult or anything in between.

2)      Coloring sheets are outlined in a thick line making cutting a breeze.

3)      The shapes are usually simple so piecing is easy and so will be the stitching

4)      Most printable coloring sheets are free; just don't use them for commercial purposes. Personal use only


There are tons of great coloring sheets to be found online. A Google search for "Free Coloring pages" will yield a virtual unlimited supply. If you have an idea of the type of shape you are looking for, that helps, but if you need inspiration I don't recommend looking through them all. Try your favorite blogs for eye candy or Etsy. Some currently popular shapes are florals, owls and butterflies.   

Let's get to the How To shall we? To begin, select your item to be appliquéd. You can use a wool blanket for your living room that needs a pop of color, a hand-me down jumper with an out-of-date appliqué that needs to be covered up (check out the pictures below) or library tote (Seriously anything). Plan where you want your appliqué; you can use a  water-soluble marker to plot your spot.

Now, decide what shape you want to add to your item. Remember anything goes. You can change it anytime so go bold. Search for the shape and print out the coloring sheet that most fits your plan. It doesn't need to be perfect. Focus at the outline, even if there are many sections that make up the shape, you really only need the outline unless you want to step it up to piecing. But let's stick to the basics today. Print it and cut out your shape on the outline and place on your plotted area to make sure it will fit. If you are printing words, print them backwards.

elephant applique.jpg

Now pick out your appliqué material. Quilting cotton works best but you can also go with lighter weight upholstery. Knits are tricky since they stretch but if your heart is set on it: go for it.

Iron on Heat N Bond to the WRONGSIDE of your appliqué material. Let cool and then trace your shape onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond. Cut out your traced shape. This is now your appliqué! Iron it onto your piece and then stitch in place with either a topstitch or satin stitch. Sit back and admire your work. It's it pretty and you made it!

Post your Coloring Sheet Appliqué pictures on our Facebook page, I can't wait to see them and borrow your ideas.

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