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Intro to Ravelry- Part 2

June 9, 2010

Ravelry P2 screenshot .jpg

Let's see where did we leave off from last time we discussed the wonderful world of Ravelry? Ah, yes, I remember now. I believe Groups & Events Page was the next chapter. The Groups page is where you can see all the groups you have joined and any upcoming events planned by you. You can drop in on any of your groups with ease. Clicking on any of the names will take you right to the group's home page. You can join any groups by clicking on the Group Tab on your top toolbar. The Groups Tab will also show your membership and allow you to search for new groups on any topic (Seriously, any topic. Love Keanu? There is a group for you. Addicted to Socks- got ya covered. Looking for a charity knitting group: take your pick). You can also browse groups by a number of criteria which makes it super helpful and easy beyond compare. You may also choose to start your own group. Say you love American Bulldogs named Maggie but which you nicknamed Pie, you could call your group American Pie Bull and see how many others share your passion for giant lap dogs who keep you warm while you knit.

The next page in your Notebook is one of my personal favorites: The Needle/Hook guide. This page keeps your tools inventoried for you. It is possible to always know how many size 0 needles you have for knitting another pair of socks or whether or not you have the correct cable length in a size 7 for this sweater you MUST have. The guide is very much like a spreadsheet which it easy to glance at your inventory and be on your way. You can catalog your tiny needles (socks, mostly), hooks and your standard sized needles (metric and US).


Ravelry library screenshot.jpg

OH, I must confess that the library is another of my favorite pages. It is set up to look like books on a shelf and is neat-o. By clicking on any book on your shelf will take you to the pattern page where you will find all of the patterns available in that book. Further, you can find others who have knit from this book, their opinions, modifications and yarn ideas.  


The Message Box is, of course, where you can send messages to whoever on Ravelry you care to converse with.    


Now the Contributions Page is where you can contribute your own patterns or Spun/Dyed/Painted Yarn to Ravelry so others can knit your creations.


The Purchases Page seems to be under a bit of construction but is the location to view all that you have bought from Ravelry or donated to. I highly suggest contributing to Ravelry to keep it going plus the t-shirts are really cute too and I bet they would look really good one. You know, with those new jeans you just bought.


This concludes our introduction to Ravelry. It should get you started into this wonderful world and don't be afraid to explore and perhaps even start your own group. The "I love Tara Miller who writes for Fabric.com's blog" group sounds like a goody. I know I would totally join it.


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