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Intro to Ravelry- Part 1

June 2, 2010

Ravelry Notebook.jpg
If you knit, you need Ravelry. If asked to describe Ravelry, I would say it is like a personal shopper, your best friend and a closet organizer all wrapped up in one amazing knitting and crochet website. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The focus of today's article will be an initiation into your Ravelry Notebook (my favorite part). Your Notebook Projects page is where you can store and view all your projects: current, finished, hibernating, and frogged. Project details include an area for notes to record any modifications you have made, pros and cons and progress reports. You can upload pictures for added detail. The ability to record and track your yarn, how much you have used, where you bought it and color is enormously helpful. Needles size used, a progress bar, pattern and yarn ratings are also included in project details. When other Ravelers like you pattern you can marvel over how many hearts and lifesavers (Signifies how many people have found your project helpful) your project racks up!

Your Notebook is also a great place to record your Stash. This is excellent for when you at work (during your lunch hour, of course!) and wander over to your favorite yarn store and fall for a pattern. "What yarn do I have to make this? Do I have enough? Or do I need more?" are questions easily answered through your Ravelry Notebook. You can also offer up your yarn for trade or sale.

The Notebook houses your Queue, where you can keep track of all the patterns you want to make in the future. This makes for an easy transition to your Projects Page when you finally cast-on. This page is easily reorganized for seasonal changes and yarn purchases.

Your Favorites page is a place to find inspiration, peace and eye candy. I love this page and visit often.

The Friends page is much like the social networking you are familiar. You can talk to your friends, check out their projects, get advice and raid their stash. You never know when you will need a knitting buddy.

Well, as much I want to go on & on & on about Ravelry, I think we have covered enough to get your excited to join. You no longer have to wait for an invite (I waited over a month for the beta version). We will cover more awesomeness in coming posts but sign up and check it out for yourself. It will make you want to knit or review your love of it. Only knitters could give something so awesome to knitters (and crocheters!) Thank you Ravelry!

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