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Father's Day gift ideas to make

June 15, 2010

Dad:He is the bringer of the Bacon. The master of the grill. The captain general of trash removal and, perhaps, dog walking.

My dad is one of the coolest guys I know and not just because he is my dad. He is half to blame for my craftiness. As long as I can remember my dad has had a workshop. For years he made all my mom's anniversary presents. He has never paid someone in install anything. My Father-in-law is similar. He is a fixer and prefers to do it himself. A Mechanic is someone another guy takes his car to. And then there is my husband (his second father's day!) he is amazingly handy, creative and helpful. I can only think that the best way to show my appreciation for their care and craftsmanship is to return the favor.

For Christmas last year I adapted this pattern, slightly, to make a fishing vest for my father-in-law. I used medium weight canvas in a manly green (which means it was more of a light olive, nothing too jarring for the menfolk). The material was heavy enough to be durable and not blow around in the wind, but light enough to feel light enough for Southern Georgia fishing. You can make this pattern for hiking, and camping. This is a great addition for the Dad who enjoys travel and sightseeing.

If you dad really wants a snuggy, is cold natured, enjoys movie night with the family or enjoys dressing like a fleece monk (you know, just around the house) this pattern is perfect. With our huge selection of fleece and minky, you can make this for every dad's taste. Make it in Camo, so he will blend in virtually invisible when it is time for the Honey-do list. Choose his favorite team or your favorite, if you are rivals. Or keep the peace and choose what will make mom happy, but dad still gets his snuggy.

If your dad goes through glasses like knitters go through wine at SnB then this sleek glasses case is perfect. You can make it in 3 sizes and any pattern you like. Again, you can go for a sports theme or try a more traditional, classic with faux leather, suede, burlap with contrasting stitching. Or nautical would look masculine paired with a solid lining. There is a great selection of prints in our Father's Day Sale section.


You can't go wrong with a laptop case (Indygo Junction and Amy Butler). It is something every dad needs but his is probably 10 years old and thread-bear. You can customize one for your favorite dad with a monogram (either stitched or painted), a cool appliqué (a classic Nintendo character, a ninja or pirate, or a skull and cross bones, perhaps). Mix & match fun prints if he is daring or go sleek and sophisticated with solids and textures.  The Tempo collection is perfect for Eco friendly dads and is durable with a great hand.

Last but not least, if you dad grills and I mean, GRILLS then he will want to stake his claim on his own grill. Sure nothing screams manly-man than I stainless steel grill but does it scream your dad. A custom-made grill cover will not only show the 'hood your dad means business but also that this is his territory and he don't take too kindly to trespassers. Protect the grill, spice up the backyard and earning an extra burger is well worth the effort. Be sure and choose weather-proof and sun-proof fabric if your grill is kept outside. You can add snap pockets to the outside for bug spray, recipes, sunscreen and sunglasses. Add a loop for his hat. Go a little crazy with the grill cover since it is outside and there are fewer rules. You can paint a giant bottle of soda or beer if that is your dad, his initials, or a team logo. If you are going with a solid canvas, try some chalk board paint. Apply several coats, maybe some light sanding in between and let dry for 3 days. Dad can post the day's menu, the score or secret messages for the grand kids.

I hope this small list helps make your Father's day extra special. Be sure and post your ideas and pictures on our Facebook page. 

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It's really sad to say so, but I never celebrate Fathers Day.
There are a lot of words to discribe my dad, but most of them are swear words. So I can't use them in public, cause I'm a lady.
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