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Deal of the Weekend - 40% Embroidered Dupioni Silk

June 4, 2010

Dupioni Silk has always been one of my favorite fabrics. You can wear it, dress a window with it or even quilt with it. Silk care can be as simple or complicated as you wish. You can pre-wash the silk by hand and let it air dry. You will use the same method on the finished item as long as you have pre-washed everything else that went into the project (drapery lining, etc). You can have the silk dry cleaned prior to creating your project, and then dry clean your finished project. You may wish to steam the silk fabric prior to dry cleaning to ensure maximum shrinkage.

Silk has a reputation of being delicate, and it can be. The garments you make should be underlined to reduce stress on the outer fabric at the seams. If you do dry clean, remove the garments from the bags when you get home and let them ''breathe.'' But, dupioni silk garments can be a wonderful addition, even focal point, to a well edited wardrobe. It will add a little sheen, elegance and panache to any outfit. I would recommend blouses, jackets and dresses for the best performance of the fabric.

This weekend we are featuring an embroidered dupioni silk. Some may consider this gilding the lily, but I think the embroidery add even more interest to this textured fabric. My first thought is always, ''how can I wear this fabric?'' But, the geometric pattern lends itself beautifully to any home décor application you can think of. Pillows, duvets and drapes in this sophisticated fabric can add punch to a décor, or just a little more texture. 


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