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Cute Skirt pattern review

June 24, 2010

cute skirt.jpg

My summertime staple is skirts. I love them. You look fancier than shorts but used the same effort to get dressed. If your man wants to take you to a nice place to eat, you are already dressed for it (Psst, just change your shoes, flops are not as sexy as heels). They look great with tank tops, tees, hoodies, bathing suits, denim jackets, etc. You cannot go wrong with a great skirt in warm weather. Favorite Things Cute Skirt pattern is in my top 5: Got to pattern to look fabulous! With 3 options + to customize your skirt, you can please yourself and everyone else. I made the panel skirt but you can also make a gored and flouncy skirt. Change it up with panels of different fabrics, be it complimentary fabrics or matchy-matchy. It is the most fun to wear fun fabrics and a skirt is a low-key way to pull it off. My skirt is made from green, paint by number birds. It doesn't get more fun than that, but I often wear it with a grey tank top to tone it down. Or I could pair it with a green tee for a monochrome look that is bright, yet pulled together. I will warn you that there are days, where safe is thrown out the window and I pair my skirt with a bright yellow top and fuchsia flats and feel amazing.

Now for the nitty gritty: This pattern was not the most fun to cut out but 

cute skirt 012 .jpg

it sewed up quickly. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. The 

sizing was dead on and the elastic is in just the right place. Not having it go all the way around your waist ensures a smooth look in the front (no muffin top) while having a secure fit. I never feel uncomfortable in this skirt. That is to say, I am not always adjusting it, pulling it up or down, smoothing it or worrying about the fit. It always looks good and feels good on.

I didn't like all the hand sewing they recommended so I only hand sewed the waist band. I machine stitched the hem. I made no other modifications.

I was wearing my skirt about 3 hours after starting, which includes cutting (you might want to allow for 4-5 if you are making the gored or flouncy skirt). I have washed it and worn it several times and it holds up well. I plan on making more. I definitely want to try my hand at the gored skirt. It sounds like fun.

Quilting cotton is a great fabric to use for your Cute Skirt but not the only option.  A Cute Skirt in seersucker would look super beachy and casual; perfect for a picnic lunch, watching fireworks or a lobster bake. Try cutting it on the bias for a great chevron pattern.

cute skirt 002 .jpg

Thinking of this skirt in linen reminds me of Italy. Perfect for hot weather and light breezes, the color coupled with the weave will give this skirt a European feel that will take you from museum to cocktails on the terrace.

You can also add a great trim to the bottom hem like the j.caroline ribbons. The idea didn't even pop into my head till I was cruising the site looking for great fabrics to pair with this pattern. As soon as I saw them, my eyes lit up. 

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