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1st Knit-a-Long

June 11, 2010

I am so excited to launch Fabric.com's first Knit-a-long. It is also my first. I have participated in several (though now that I think on it, not recently) but never, ever hosted. I offer this insight to beg mercy should anything go amiss. I have high hopes of success and butterflies in my stomach from excitement! So let's get started:

The winning pattern voted on by Fabric.com's customers on our Facebook page is...

project yarn.jpg

The Wisp featured in the summer 2007 Knitty. I say good choice, my friends. This is one of my favorites; I have knit it just once before in a silk/mohair combo with some color variations that was just gorgeous. However, a few months ago I saw a friend who had knit her Wisp out of a cashmere blend and it was To-Die-For amazing. So that is the yarn I am going with this time. I have picked out some Rowan Cashsoft Aran (57% Extra Fine Merino, 33% Acrylic, 10% Cashmere) in Poppy (You can see it on the bottom right). This yarn is also, happily enough, on sale in the Yarn Blowout. However, if you are a traditionalist and prefer mohair, let me recommend Rowan Kid Classic, Nashua Kid Mohair, or Angora which gives a similar effect.

One of the numerous benefits of this pattern is that you really can use any weight yarn - making it a real stash buster. Simply choose a needle size appropriate to your yarn weight and follow the pattern. Just know that the big the yarn the bigger the finished object and vice versa.

Know the plan for the knit along is that I will post detailed project updates, including pictures on the blog once a week. I will also be posting more regularly on Facebook and Ravelry. Both venues will include any tips or tricks I think of along the way, answering any questions you have on the project as we go along and then photos of the finished project with a detailed debriefing in my Ravelry Notebook. I hope you will all join me in posting regularly on Facebook and Ravelry with photos and tidbits. I can't do this alone and I will need the inspiration. I have many projects coming up that might distract me from my goal--see above picture for sneak peak. Though you may be as excited to see these upcoming projects as I am neither you nor I can get them going until I finish my Wisp.

So if this were a race, I suppose I would be shooting the starting pistol but since this is just a blog I say we commence and let fly the needles!


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