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Unusual Knitting Tools

May 28, 2010

Well- this topic even put me through the ringer. I mean, I know there are some weird knitting tools out there (I rely on a bobby pin so I should know) but I guess I just took all my tools for granted. Or given the whole bobby pin relationship, my perspective was off. So I attempted to think about knitting from the outside as a newbie or, dare I say it, someone who doesn't knit. Which tools would I totally not expect a knitter to use. Most of the tools I thought of are not really that weird but put into the context of knitting and you might just hear "You use that with knitting, WHAT"!


First up, Glow in the Dark Knitting Needles...seriously. Now you really can knit anywhere. These are great for those boring movies that your sister makes you sit through, knitting while cuddling with your hubby even though he insists on watching TruckTV. You can also knit at that uber-romantic restaurant during a pretty boring blind date that you mother swears is "Mr Right" (He will probably get the hint from your knitting at the table, but if he doesn't you can use these babies as defense). The Knit Lite is made by Clover and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. I plan on getting a pair for porch and movies on the green knitting this summer!

Next up are knitting needles that measure your knitting for you. The Knit Stix are plastic or wooden needles and rulers in one. These are great for those times you forgot your notions pouch or, like me, your child has run off with it again. The Knit Stix are laser imprinted so no need to worry about rubbing off the numbers.

Graph paper is a office staple but this is no ordinary graph paper. Knitting graph paper is crafted to reflect the knit stitch which is wider than it is tall. There are several sites to help you print your own, which is very handy if you are designing knitted projects. Regular graph paper will skew the finished look due to its square nature (in this case it is not hip to be...). Knitting graph paper is used for lace designs, cable pattern, intarsia and any other design aspect that is best explained in chart form rather then written out. Print out a few extra pieces to keep in your knitting bag should inspiration hit away from your computer.


Last, and my favorite, is your washing machine. This is one of the greatest tools a knitter can have when the bug for felting hits. Washing machine felting can take any oversize wool project and turn it into an amazing piece of fabric art. A knitter can felt bags, toys, pillows, hats and bath mats to name just a very few. Top loading machines are the easiest to use for felting but any washing machine will get the job done if you familiarize yourself with its settings and keep an eye on your project. It is so much fun, especially for kids. 

Let me know what your favorite weird knitting tools are for next time

Tara Miller

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