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Review Monday: Rowan the Organic Cotton Kids Collection

May 10, 2010


Once in a while you come across a knitting book that is full of projects you are not only excited to knit but can't wait to knit (I am talking a 6 yr old waking up on Christmas morning excitement)! This just about sums up my state of mind when I first finished reading Rowan the Organic Cotton Kids Collection. This book's one-two punch of cute kids coupled with equally cute projects guarantees it a place in every shopping cart. The pictures are bright and detailed. It is easy to see how clothes will fit, the actual size of projects and the wonderful color options available. All projects featured in this book are knit with Purelife Cotton 4 ply and DK yarns meaning that most knitters will already have something in their stash to start on a project right away and if not then the featured yarn and colors are easily found. Since it is organic cotton you know that all projects will be just right for baby and kids; clothes will be super soft and stuffed animals will cuddle right back.

Knitting-may 008.JPG

I had the opportunity to knit one of the chickens (Gordon, Hugh and Jamie) from the book and it was easy and breezy. I used Rowan Organic Cotton DK in Oak Bark. The chicken knit up in about 2 hours but with the finishing and all the details, the whole project took about 3.5 hours for completion. I also had to come up with some modifications for me. I didn't have a crochet hook in the appropriate size so I knit a 3 stitch i-cord for each leg, about 3 in long and finished it off with 3 small strands of yarn as the feet. I also wove a piece of yarn to the top and tied it in a bow because I could not crochet a comb. I think both of these mods do not change the character of the pattern so are easy options for those who are exclusive knitters or, like me, lack the correct tools.

Another modification that I opted for out of easy was to pick up the middle 16 stitches at the bottom of the body where the base attached. This allowed me to knit the base right onto the body and made for less finishing later. I had to add an extra purl row before I could follow the pattern instructions for the base. I also only used 2 colors for the finishing details instead of the recommended 3 colors. I just used little bit that I had in my left-over bin for just such occasions. No telling what brand they are but I know they are cotton. 

Knitting-may 005.JPG
I highly recommend this as a first project from this book. It gives a good feel for the yarn and also allows you to get comfortable with Rowan's instructions and standard terms (if you are not already from previous books and patterns). All important aspects you want to be familiar with before you jump into a sweater or one of the dresses. I found no flaws or mistakes with this pattern. I could not find any errata listed on the Rowan website. I recommend this pattern as an advanced beginner or intermediate knitter depending on your comfort. You can check out the other projects from this book on Ravelry and pick your favorite!

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I just love Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton Kids Collection. All 15 designs are very nice and it looks very adorable. Awesome Collection!!

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