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Review Monday: Rowan Organic Cotton DK Naturally Dyed Yarn

May 24, 2010

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On May 10th I discussed Rowan Organic Kids Collection and knitted up a super cute pattern from that book. Today, I am reviewing the yarn used for that project, Rowan Organic Cotton DK Naturally Dyed in Oak Bark.

First there is one very important thing you should know about me. I love natural fibers. I am as a moth to a flame. I often relapse into daydreams where I am bounding through a field of wild flowers (I am, of course, wearing the cutest of sundresses) just my nature fiber skein, wooden needles and me! I recoil as if struck when I happen upon yarns similar to Red Heart. The fiber can make or break my day. That said you can see the general direction of this review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this yarn. It was very similar to other cotton yarns I have worked with in the past but I did notice some subtle differences that, in my humble opinion, justify the Rowan name. First, there was a delicate but distinct softness that went above the usual cotton softness. Like extra softness, if you can imagine. It did not leave my hands feeling as dry as cotton usually does. It glided just a little better making it much easier to use with my preferred wooden needles. Typically, I pair cotton with acrylic needles but I was glad not to have to do so this time. My acrylic circulars are not equipped for magic loop.

I did have the usual trouble of splitting that is common with cotton, so I was left with a few wayward loopies scattered throughout my finished project. A few min with a crochet hook fixed them.


I was further impressed with the colors available. I am used to a bright array of the spectrum but the Rowan Organic collection is a rainbow of toned-down, natural hues that are outside the norm of cream, white and brown so as not to bore but are also great for any color palette. You can be sure that any color selection will fit nicely into your wardrobe.

The added bonus is the organic. This is a must for a growing number of knitters and gives peace of mind to an activity chosen for peace of mind. They go hand in hand.  I will definitely be using this yarn again and again. It is a yarn that once you finish one project, you start scanning your magazines and books for another.

-Tara Miller

P.s. Don't forget to submit your questions for this Wednesday first "Ask the Expert" posting!


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Hi Tori,
Sorry to hear your aren't interested in the knitting posts but since it is the Fabric.com blog and we sell fabric, yarn and other craft supplies, our blog is going to be full of other topics besides fabric/sewing. However, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter. All our blog posts are updated on both sites so you can see what is new and only visit the blog when something catches your eye. Hope this helps.
Tara Miller

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