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Review Monday: Albert the Absent-minded Monster

May 31, 2010


I love knitting hats. Hats for everyone was my motto. I love 'em. They are so easy and quick and just plain fun. Well, now I love knitted toys! Monsters to be specific. More to the point this monster: Albert the Absent-Minded Monster. He is adorable and pleasurable to knit. Albert is one happening guy.

I was not so sure to begin with. I have typically been against knitted toys in the past. Knitting is time consuming and most of all a relaxation process. How my definition of knitting and toys could be melding in a way that I could come to grips with was not something I wanted to think of. Toys are loved, sure, but they are also abused, forgotten, and partners in messy crimes. To spend hours lovingly knitting something that will endure those experiences was beyond me. Until, I had a child. Gone was the nay-saying. I took one look at Albert and knew she would love him. That fact that I could make him for her was the sweet, chocolate covered cherry on top of the hot fudge and peanut butter Sunday with my choice of ice cream (Thank you Brusters!)

Now for the Knitty-gritty: Albert was a great knit. Not the fastest project I have completed but certainly enjoyable. He took about 5+ hours to complete. I followed the pattern explicitly, except for when I didn't, which I will explain as we go along. First, I used Magic Loop throughout since I have developed an allergy to DPNs since I discovered Magic Loop. I, maybe, have shortened the body by a few rows. I got anxious to move on after row 40-something (probably 45, 46). After that the pattern changed from row to row so it was hard to get bored. I enjoyed seeing the different parts take shape. I had also forgotten how much I enjoyed 3 needle bind off and how pretty it was.

Albert sidesm.jpg

Assembly was straight forward but I think I over stuffed the arms. I will try less next time and perhaps a different attachment for a better shoulder. I will also over-exaggerate the belly button next time-bigger is better! Since my daughter is 16 mos, I went with knots for the eye, just in case. Also, I don't recommend super glue for his mouth- go with the fabric glue as recommended. I didn't have any so I went with the super glue. Turns out, not as super as one would expect. I ran out for the fabric glue.

Mostly, I just love how flexible his ears are. They make Albert very expressive.  Albert strikes me as just the right size to take to Grandma's or the movies. He can sneak in anywhere. Plans are in the works for a rainbow collection. I will probably go with double-stranding some to make them bigger. I want to experiment with different sizes as well as color. 

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Yarn used Berroco Weekend in Nectarine

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P.s. Albert is getting comfy in his new home

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