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Knitting on the Go- Notions plus Free Sewing Pattern

May 6, 2010

One of the great aspects of knitting is that it is portable. Knitting on the go is fun and a great way to pump up your otherwise bland activities. Long car trip, more like a great time to cast-on for a new project. Concert in the park, how about background music for a spicy lace shawl. Waiting for your table at a restaurant, now you are working a few more rows on that hat for your niece's graduation present. 

However, knitting on the go it not without pitfalls. But like any good adventurer you need a tool belt. Indiana Jones and his whip, Iron Man and his suit, Inspector Gadget and his, er, gadgets, you are about to bestowed upon with your KNITTING POUCH OF NOTIONS  (that intended to echo when said). Please step into Fabric.com's deep underground lair where our scientists have prepared a highly stylized layout of your notions
knitting pouch.jpg

At the end of this post you will find a knitting pouch sewing pattern so you may create your own arsenal of knitting tools for stitching on the go. This is a quick and easy pattern that you can customize to fit your knitting persona. I will show you my pouch and all the tools I pack inside. I never leave home without a project and this bag. It is as close to me as my wallet and I forget it less than my cell phone (which is not really proving my point, but anyway...)

In my pouch can be found:
Bobby Pin

The Yarn Cutter and scissors are redundant but I find on bumpy roads and when babies are toddling around scissors are best left in the pouch. Plus, it's pretty. 

Most of these items need no introduction but I will explain the rest. Crochet hooks are great for picking up dropped stitches and on occasion they are called for in patterns. I have also used my crochet hooks as cable needles when mine escaped. Tapestry needles are used to weave in ends once a project is complete and for some cast-offs. Stitch Holders are like parking spaces for your stitches when not in use but you don't want to just leave them unattended. They have a tendency to run away. 

Now the Bobby Pin is the secret weapon. I have used it for everything from stitch marker, row marker, stitch holder, keeping my pattern in place when there is a breeze. Plus. when I decided to go for bangs and then grow them out, this little baby kept the peace and my hair out of my view. You never know when or what you will need it for, so stock it. 

These are the basics. From time to time, depending on my project, you might find more tools in my pouch but you will never find less. Invest in quality products and take care constructing your pouch and you will be happily knitting on the go in style and ease. Enjoy!


Tara Miller-Knitter


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