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Getting back in the game- the Knitting Edition

May 5, 2010

So you're not a newbie but you don't really consider yourself a knitter anymore. If has been awhile since you have put yarn to sticks then step closer. It doesn't take much to get back in the game, even if the game was 20 years ago. In fact, it will be easier than you realize; once you have momentum you will be whipping out projects in no time.


Step 1) Take Stock

Do you have supplies? If not do you remember what you used most? Did you use wooden or metal needles? Was your favorite yarn cotton, wool, or a blend? Start there. If you hung onto your old supplies and still have a stash then go through it and pick something that gets your attention, it is more likely to hold it.

Step 2) Set the mood

Find a comfortable place to sit for a while, something nice to drink, maybe some music and plenty of time. Relearning to knit (or any skill) is not something easily done with kids running around, hungry cats rubbing your leg or phones ringing. Knitting is relaxing so setting the mood is key to triggering your memories.

Step 3) Where to start

What do you remember about knitting? Practice what you remember and think about what you don't. Start at the beginning with something simple. Cast-on 10-20 stitches and work a row in a knit stitch. If you get to the end, do you recall what comes next? If your first row was a success (it doesn't need to be perfect but recognizable) try purling on the way back. Keep at it till you feel comfortable.  If practice is all you need-awesome! But if you know practice is not enough then refer to the Learning to Knit post. You can use any of those methods to gain a refresher lesson.

If knitting and purling itself is not your trouble but just feel out of the loop with yarn fiber combinations, needles materials ("Back in my day we knit with metal needles and we liked it, we loved it") and pattern choices, feel free to contact customer service with any questions. If you are looking for opinions, recommendations or reviews try leaving a comment here on our blog or contact us via Twitter or Facebook. Social Networking is a great way to be in contact with knitters from around the world without leaving your house. Once you get back the horse, it will be like you leaved got off. 

Check back Friday for Knitting on the Go: Notions with a notions pouch sewing pattern

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Where can we get those wonderful stitch markers at the top of this blog?

I made those back in the day from Shrink plastic, sharpies and some clip art I printed off the internet. The shrink plastic was cut to 2'' squares, then I used a hole punch. Next I traced the picture onto the plastic with the sharpies. I baked according to the instructions that came with the plastic (The marker side must face up or the ink will dry to the cookie sheet) and finished it off with some beads and jump rings. Hope this helps!

I was so intrigued that I googled "How to make a stitch marker" and found some wonderful instructions. Since I crochet, I bought the smallest lobster claw clasps (package of 10) and head and eye pins (package of 100). Using some beads that I purchased for jewelry making (which I never started), I created some beautiful one-of-a-kind stitch markers that I can attach right on to my crochet stitch and move whenever and wherever I need it. Thanks for the inspiration!

You rock! I always love reading your stuff..

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