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Interview with Leslie Gladman of Favorite Things Patterns

April 15, 2010

Leslie Gladman is the Owner and co-designer for Favorite Things patterns. We have been carrying her patterns for about four years. She has apparel and accessory patterns including the cutest slipper patterns. Her Cute Skirt pattern is our best seller. I think everyone here at fabric.com that sews has made that pattern. Her instructions are clear and her patterns are right in style. We also have an opportunity for you to give Leslie some feedback on her patterns. Please comment below our interview. Leslie is looking forward to hearing from you!

Hey, Leslie! Many of our customers may not know that you are a Canadian and live in British Columbia. Now, we all know more about British Columbia because of the Olympic Games.  Tell us about your studio and something that inspires you about your surroundings in the beautiful part of Canada.

Hi Kristl! Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with yourself and your customers a bit about my life, my surroundings, and my business! I live in the southwest corner of B.C. in a farming community called Delta, just 15 minutes away from Vancouver. We live on acreage in a period home that was built in 1898. We did some much needed renovations in 2000 and then in 2002 built our studio on the property. The 2-story 1,500 sq foot studio has wall to wall windows facing all 4 exposures and providing wonderful natural light and views. Enjoying the coastal mountains, farmland and surrounding horse pastures I have every opportunity to be inspired by the beauty of nature and I think perhaps my favorite color scheme of green is due to the many shades and hues that I get to look at every day as I work in here in my studio.

Share with us some things about your design partner, Kimberly Gladman.

I'm delighted to be able to share with you about my design partner Kimberly! You will notice we share the last name! Kimberly has been a part of our family since she began dating our son Jordan back when they were young teens. Early on in the friendship it became apparent to me that we had many similar interests and when Kimberly began her training in Fashion Design at a local university college I was excited with the possibilities for Favorite Things. Kimberly began sewing during the summers while she was still in school and  came on board full time with Favorite Things in 2006 shortly before she and Jordan tied the knot. I love what she brings to the design table: she is right on the pulse and heartbeat of the current trends and fashion. Not only do I love working with her but I believe our strengths complement each other well.

How did you start your pattern business?

Initially, in the earlier years of FT I would have described our style as whimsical, romantic and feminine. As it has emerged and grown I would also include the words trendy & fashionable. Our designs include wonderful new sewing shortcuts that eliminate many of the time consuming details of many traditional patterns. We've always done our best to cater to the mature woman in designing fashions that would be figure flattering and in recent years we've also focused on designing hip young fashions that will appeal to the many girls and young women who are discovering the exciting world of sewing.

Do you have a favorite pattern in your line?

My personal favorite pattern is: A Safe Place. This is our earliest wallet pattern and still one of our best sellers. It's easy to sew, cute and practical. Another favorite is...Cute Skirts as it is such a versatile and comfortable skirt to wear and make.

Do you have a hobby or pastime you enjoy/indulge in outside of the sewing world?

Now that's a tough question...where do I begin? I love to garden! I've enjoyed working on my home garden and at our cottage, which is on the Pacific Ocean in Point Roberts, WA. I've helped my friends and family plan and design their gardens too. I have 4 grandchildren that I adore and that keep "Nana" young and active! They keep me busy with answering questions, planning sleepovers, trips to the cottage and all those good things! One more interest I'll share with you. Last year I traveled to India and was profoundly moved with the needs I encountered there. I recognized how much opportunity there would be to help women there and so along with some friends of mine, we have started up a group where we get together as women to bring awareness and fund raising as to how we can be a help. I've started with a project of designing women's T-shirts. I designed a logo using India's national bird the peacock. Our group beads the T-shirt and then we sell them to raise funds. Our first project goal is to build a vocational center for the Dalit (Untouchables) women in a village in central India. We have been very excited by the wonderful response to this project

Do you have a question you have been dying to ask your customers? Now's, your chance! We'll have them comment here on the blog.

Hmmm...now that you ask, yes I do! We love to receive feedback from our customers about what they like in our patterns, what they'd like to see changed, what kind of patterns are they wanting to find but not finding. We're open to all your thoughts and thank you all in advance for your suggestions!

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Hoping you can design a pattern for a "skort" in women's sizes.
Have a problem finding one, and hard time finding in stores.

I would love to see some new and different shirts/blouses for women. I am so tired of the same stuff. Something with pleats in the back or sides or some gathering--just a little and/or an unusual take on the sleeve end/closures would be so nice. Thanks for your consideration.

Where can I go to find fabric (cotton) that has baby footprints and handprints. I found it in flannel but I want cotton print. Thanks for any information/

Hi Barb,
Questions like this are best answered by our customer service (the response will be much faster too) but in the mean time, you can try looking in the children's section under quilting cotton. Here is a link: http://www.fabric.com/quilting-fabric-children-39-s-cotton-fabrics.aspx?Source=LeftNav
If you need help looking or have any more questions, feel free to contact customer service and they will be glad to help.

Hi Janey,
We are always adding new patterns and try to stay up with the trends. Check back often to see what is new. Don't forget about our free Hot Pattern Downloads. The cowl neck top is one of my favorites.
Thanks for your comment and we will be sure to keep it in mind.

Do you guys read as many blogs as I do? I think I’m spending way to much time doing so!

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