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Deal of the Day - Rayon Blend Crinkle Suiting 50% off!

March 23, 2010

The Deal of the Day March 23rd is Rayon Blend Crinkle Suiting 50% off. Now, this is the kind of fabric that made me think about doing video. The name is descriptive, but some of you might pass it over because you can't visualize it, or it doesn't sound like your cup of tea. In the video, you see me lifting the fabric and draping it. I also give you a description and suggestions that might make the fabric more ''real'' to you than just reading a description on the web site and looking at a 6'' square enlargement. All that being said, you still may not need or want this particular fabric. I just hope the videos give you a better look at the fabric so you can make a more informed decision. I am also open to comments and critiques for the videos. What do you need to know or see that would help you understand the products better? Comment here or on the You Tube video. And, if you think I need a little wardrobe advice, I already have a critic for that. My Mom has already given me some advice on what not to wear. She's making me a couple of things that she'd like to see me wear. Thanks, Mom!

Back to the Rayon Blend Crinkle Suiting, it's a medium weight with some drape. It is a woven jacquard in a floral pattern with some slight crinkling that is permanent. It's the same on both sides, so those jackets with the extra long pieces in the front to wrap a million ways are a perfect choice for this fabric. Check out the video for more details. 3721.jpg3529.jpg

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a link to the videos in the blog entry would be helpful.

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So sad I missed this deal. Would have been great..

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