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Deal of the Day - Goldcoast Sheer Satin Jacquard - 50% off

March 25, 2010

The Deal of the day for March 24th is the 50% off Goldcoast Sheer Satin Jacquard. This fabric must be seen to be appreciated. Check out the video to see me drape it and describe it's texture. It's got a hand dyed look, and the satiny parts are opaque while the rest of the fabric is sheer. 

Olivia's Holiday from Tina Givens for Free Spirit

March 24, 2010

Olivia's Holiday.jpg I love Tina Givens whimsy. She is a watercolor artist and created a stationary line called Cid Pear six years ago. I am very happy Free Spirit asked her to design fabric prints for their company. Her line of patterns for little girls is equally free spirited, and her fabrics are an obvious choice for the creative young girl in your life. I can also see a grown up version of this free spirited look with a Cute Skirt from Favorite Things or any of the blouse patterns from Serendipity Studio. Check out the video for a few more details.


Deal of the Day - Rayon Blend Crinkle Suiting 50% off!

March 23, 2010

The Deal of the Day March 23rd is Rayon Blend Crinkle Suiting 50% off. Now, this is the kind of fabric that made me think about doing video. The name is descriptive, but some of you might pass it over because you can't visualize it, or it doesn't sound like your cup of tea. In the video, you see me lifting the fabric and draping it. I also give you a description and suggestions that might make the fabric more ''real'' to you than just reading a description on the web site and looking at a 6'' square enlargement. All that being said, you still may not need or want this particular fabric. I just hope the videos give you a better look at the fabric so you can make a more informed decision. I am also open to comments and critiques for the videos. What do you need to know or see that would help you understand the products better? Comment here or on the You Tube video. And, if you think I need a little wardrobe advice, I already have a critic for that. My Mom has already given me some advice on what not to wear. She's making me a couple of things that she'd like to see me wear. Thanks, Mom!

Back to the Rayon Blend Crinkle Suiting, it's a medium weight with some drape. It is a woven jacquard in a floral pattern with some slight crinkling that is permanent. It's the same on both sides, so those jackets with the extra long pieces in the front to wrap a million ways are a perfect choice for this fabric. Check out the video for more details. 3721.jpg3529.jpg

Deal of the Day - Nature's Notebook 30% off!

March 22, 2010

Happy spring! The Deal of the Day for Monday, March 22 is 30% off Nature's Notebook by Moda. This is another 100% cotton, 45'' wide quilting collection. As always, I have other ideas for these great fabrics. Oliver + S is a fantastic pattern company that specializes in children's patterns. They have designs for little boys and little girls based on classic children's and baby clothes. The cotton prints we are featuring today are perfect for little girl's outfits. I especially like the Bubble Dress and the Tea Party outfits. Join me for a little extra information in the video.

Deal of the Day - for the weekend of March 19th

March 19, 2010

We have 20% off Premier Prints Home Decor fabric. The sale will continue through Sunday, March 22, and end at midnight eastern time. Most of these fabrics are printed on a 7 ounce cotton duck. We have some specialty fabrics printed on a linen weave and a barkcloth texture, too. All the Premier Prints no matter the cloth they are printed on are appropriate for all kinds of home decorating applications including draperies, curtains, duvets and pillows. When I think about the ones printed on the 7 ounce duck, I am always dreaming up an outfit. The weight is like a medium weight denim, so jackets are a natural. Straighter skirts are also a possibility, and handbags are a must. Many of the prints are fashion forward and the colors are right in style. Check out the video for more details and pattern suggestions are on the site as well. sdg-106.jpg
Thumbnail image for SDG-99.jpg

Deal of the day - March 18th

March 18, 2010

3573.jpgThe Deal of the Day today is our Printed Charmeuse Satin 50% off. Charmeuse satin is a lightweight fabric with a satiny sheen. It's perfect for blouses, or for anything you would consider using a lighter weight fabric. Charmeuse has nice drape, but it really performs when used on the bias. If you are fan of black & white movies, like I am, you will see this fabric used in those gorgeous negligees ladies wore around the house. I dream of negligees, but make PJ pants instead. They are more practical, but still luxurious. Since this is polyester charmeuse, not silk, I can throw them in the washer and drier. I can also spill almost anything on them, I have a little trouble with that, and it will come out beautifully. Check out the video to see the fabric in action. You get a better idea of the drape!

Deal of the Day - with more video!

March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day. Today's Deal is the Tranquil Moments collection from Wilmington. This is a cotton print/quilting collection of fabrics. that means they are 44'' wide and 100% cotton. This particular collection is all about the beach. Coral, sand and aqua, the color scheme couldn't be more soothing. I can almost here the waves. Remember, these cotton fabrics are not just for quilting. They are completely washable and colorfast. You could make a blouse or an adorable dress for a little girl from these coordinated prints. If you need a little more information, join me for more details on the video.

Deal of the Day - with video!

March 16, 2010

The deal of the day today features our Novelty Laces 40% off. I also have a video to go along with the deal to give you a few more details about the fabric. Stephen has struck again with a truckload lot. Those are the most fun for me because they are usually full of all kinds of apparel fabrics. This one had an assorted collection of laces including a black mesh with tiny sequins sewn on. I have some pattern suggestions on the site to go with the laces. Tops, vests and jackets worn with a top or tank was the first idea that came to mind. You know, laces are a big trend for spring. Join me for a little extra information in the video, and then consider adding a little lace to your spring wardrobe.  3437.jpg3179.jpg

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