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We're In Handbag Heaven

January 17, 2010

I am by no means a "fashionista" (far from it, actually), but I have developed a minor obsession with handbags.  First, a handbag is a quick, simple and efficient way to make your wardrobe go farther.  The right purse can take an outfit from blah to fab, or from casual to dressy in a snap.  I tend to be fairly frugal, and when it comes to clothing style I try to stay clean, simple and classic (when you follow trends you tend to have to spend more, both up-front with the initial purchase and replacing everything when it goes out of style, which goes against my frugal leanings).  My favorite way to make my simple black slacks work harder for me is with varying combinations of simple tops and fun bags and jewelry. 

Secondly, handbags are a fab-fab-FABULOUS way to blast through your stash.  Have you ever cut out a pattern from a fabric you LOVE, and while the scraps aren't really big enough to make anything you can't stand to throw them away?  (Come on, admit it - we all do it)  Well, what do you know!  It doesn't take much fabric to make or line a pocket!  Lining purses is a great way to use up smaller cuts of fabulous wovens that you can't make a whole wardrobe piece with, but still want to incorporate into your look (Hello hot-pink-and-black charmeuse satin!) Do you have lots of small pieces of coordinating fabrics?  Most handbag pattern components are smaller, and who says the whole thing has to be made from the same fabric?  You can do the pockets in one fabric, the main part in another fabric and the details in a third.  Ta-daaaa!  Stash-approved fashion! 

Recently, Trudy from Hot Patterns asked us for some fabric to makes samples of some of her handbag patterns.  We agreed, but with the stipulation that we would get to see (drool over) them.  We got our package in the mail a few days ago, and we were promptly off to play dress-up.  Here are the photos:

 This first shot is of the Metropolitan Homage Tote.  Trudy made this in a natural colored twill with a charmeuse satin lining.  The funky detail at the top was created using gold paint.


This is the Queen of Hearts handbag made from city blocks and microsuede fabric.  City blocks is one of our favorite fabrics around here because it's made from recycled plastics.  It also comes in really nice colors and has great drape for a thicker, home-dec-like fabric.


My favorite bag of the group is undoubtedly the Plain and Simple Envelope Clutch made in a fabulous melon microsuede.  It's simple design is clean and stylish, and the floral lining is super cute (we didn't get any shots, but I think Trudy might have some in her youtube video).

  HPUrbanGirl.JPGThis one is the Urban Girl Mega Shopper.  The body of the tote is done in a natural colored twill, with gingham accents and gingham lined pockets.  I like this bag because it's sturdy and utilitarian while still fashionable.  I'm thinking my sister-in-law, who is a teacher, might be getting one for her birthday.


Finally, this cute little number is the Classix Nouveau Pyramid bag.  Well, it's not really little, but it is cute!  It's made out of a white microsuede and lined with baby blue satin.  I like how this one opens almost flat out.  I tend to lose stuff in my purse, so this is the perfect design for gaining full access to every nook and cranny.

If you want to see more of these "hot" handbags, be sure to check out Trudy's videos on Youtube.  Click here for part 1, and click here for part 2.

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