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The Fabric Maverick has a confession!

December 2, 2009

It is hard to believe that I have been working for Fabric.com for four years. It may be harder to believe that the only thing I had purchased on the internet was daffodil bulbs. At that time, it was uncharted territory for me. Somehow the shopper gene was not passed onto me by my mother, so shopping is something I do not always enjoy. Over the four years, I have become somewhat savvier to internet shopping. Always make sure that you are shopping at a secure website. The URL will start with https: or there will be a gold padlock in the lower left hand corner when ordering your items. If you are unsure always give the customer service department a call.  There are some things I will never order from the Internet. One of these is shoes. I just have to try them on- usually many times and many pairs.

This year I expect that I will be ordering at least 50% of my presents online. There are many advantages to shopping online:


  • I can shop anytime of the day
  • I do not have to get dressed or put on my makeup
  • many sites offer free shipping
  • I don't have to drive which means I do not use gas
  • I don't have to find a parking space
  • I don't have to stand in line
  • My children do not seduce me into buying things I wasn't planning on buying.
  • I have more time to sew

The cons:

  • I can't touch anything
  • I must shop early to take shipping time into account. I do not want to pay for express shipping
  • Sometimes it is hard to decide between like products. Customer Service is not equal at every website.

In general, I have not been disappointed by anything I have bought on the internet. It's like everything else; you just need to learn the ins and outs.

Have fun with your Christmas shopping! May your money not run out before your Christmas list does!

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