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New Year's Resolutions - Craft Edition

December 29, 2009

As scary as it seems, it's that time of year again - time for me to join the millions of people making New Year's resolutions.  I have a nasty track record of overdoing it and giving up pretty early on, so I've decided to make my list more enjoyable this year.  Along with the "Oldies but goodies" - You know: lose some weight, be more organized, get caught up on various past-due projects - I'm adding a few fun resolutions. 

I love to sew and craft, but the last few years I have really neglected the right side of my brain for the analytical benefits my left side offers.  Well, enough is enough!  It's time to unleash my creative beast and let the artistic endeavors flow!  Below are my sewing/craft/etc. resolutions, which I hope will act as a treat to keep me inspired to stick to my more serious resolutions.

1. Be more organized.  I know I used this as an example of a normal resolution, but it works here, too.  Like many of you my craft space is limited to a small kitchen table and whatever spare space I can find without my supplies being in the way.  This year my goal is to figure out a better way to organize my fabric and supplies in a tidy and compact way that also keeps my husband from trying to tuck it away into the unknown depths of our attic.

2. Use more of my stash before I buy more fabric.  I work for a fabric store, so you just know that I have tons of it.  To make matters worse, I see something the I just love and buy it with a project in mind and never complete (or even start) said project.  My resolution is to stop buying as much fabric, which will also help me save money, and use up the stash I have - which will help downsize, too.

3. I will leave fewer projects unfinished.  We all do it, I just do it a lot.  I would say that 90% of my projects go incomplete.  I vow to do every little stitch, step and hem.

4. I will master my serger.  I asked for one for years - nay, begged!  I finally received one, and I still don't know how to use it.    This year shall be the year of the serger!

5. Learn how to knit.  I've never even held knitting needles, but the whole process fascinates me.  I'm a total crochet failure, so hopefully knitting will be my thing.

6. I will show someone how to sew.  I have many friends who have told me they want to learn to sew, but time constraints and lack of enthusiasm have stalled out any concrete plans.  This year I will actively pursue the opportunity to get at least one friend or family member started.  I may not know much, but even a little knowledge can give someone the boost they need to get going, right?

I'm sure there will be more as the year progresses, but those are the 6 I have for now.  I'm curious, though; what are some of your sewing/knitting/needle-working/crafting/etc. resolutions for 2010?  Let's all share the inspiration and make this the year to get back to your craft!

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1) To get re-measured for my fashion pattern software and make all of the lovely clothes that I have bought fabric for (after losing nearly 55 pounds, my measurements are waaay off)
2) To expand my charity crocheting
3) To teach someone to crochet or sew
4) To get my sewing room organized and useful again
5) To learn to RELAX and not stress so much

haha! (hysterical because I understand). I think I've got more inspiration than anything else. I need to use more of my stash before I buy more, we'll see how that goes, I know I will not keep this one.
I love your last resolution to teach someone to sew. I've met alot of people who don't know, I was lucky that my mother taught me.

I have to go along with Shellie. I have lost 60 pounds and still losing. Hardly anything left in the closet. (one can only alter and/or remake so many times) So I too, 1) need to get remeasured for my software. 2) Son #2 was kind enough to turn a crowded barely workable sewing room into a Beautiful Studio. Now, I have to organize, sort and put back all the stuff that was taken out for the remodel. And 3) When I get all that done, I will make some clothes for ME! I don't care how much DD and DGD beg! This is MY year! Okay, maybe I will make DGD a couple of things....8-) But mostly I sew for me. And 4) will continue on my journey to a healthier me.
Oh, my - me me me I sound so selfish ------------

Choctawcharli, you're not selfish, just rewarding your previous year's success at changing your life for the better. After making over 25 crocheted cancer hats, I did not complain (too much, anyways) about keeping one hat for myself. :)

I'm new here and just wandered across the "resolutions" that so sound like mine - will be looking here for inspiration to stick to mine - to downsize , to recycle , to be kinder to myself , and most importantly to teach at least 3 more people to sew this year. Can you imagine if each of us taught even one person to sew and each one of them taught some one and each one of them ...

I think you are on to something! Keep up the goals! Keep posting!

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