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Let me introduce Shannon, the new kid on the block!

December 22, 2009

My name is Shannon and I'm the newest member of the merchandising team here at Fabric.com. I recently graduated with a degree in business from Georgia State University, but my real passion is fashion. From an early age, my grandmother taught me to sew. From that point, my door was open to a variety of creative avenues, which has led me to where I am today. 

This little number, inspired by this Arabesque Embroidered Organza fabric, is my first project for Fabric.com. Shannon 1.JPGI found that this beautiful, fun fabric could be used for a great cocktail dress; particularly the burgundy color would make a great holiday dress.  I design and make all of my patterns, but a pattern we have in store that would work well for this design is this Kwik Sew Dress Pattern, KP-3228. Because of the layered skirts, I was able to play around with the drape of the Arabesque top layer, which allows you to be as creative as you like! I cinched and gathered the fabric to give the dress an abstract silhouette. Even though my design is strapless, I love the convenience of straps in this Kwik Sew Pattern.

The main fabric I used for this dress is the Luxe Satin in Fiesta Red .. I like to choose a lining fabric that is unexpected, so I chose a dark burgundy lining, China Lining.. To give the dress extra volume, I used Nylon Netting in Brown .. The benefit to the nylon netting, as opposed to tulle, is the stiffness and structure it gives the skirt.

I hope this inspires a great cocktail dress for you during this holiday season. This might even be great inspiration for a unique Prom dress in the spring! Appropriately styling this dress makes it a year-round wear. Add tights, boots, and a chic shrug for fall & winter, or just a great pair of heels in the spring and summer!  No matter what fabric you used from the Arabesque Embroidered Organza Collection, this dress is sure to make heads turn!

  Shannon 2.JPG

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Welcome Shannon. I love your dress. I'm contemplating fabrics for my daughter's Christmas dress for next year. You may have just helped me find it. I'm not quite sure which color I'd rather use, though. The burgundy you used looks more red in your picture. I also like the champayne. I may need to get swatches.
Best Wishes in your new job. If you ever get a chance I'd love your opinion on our designs at Squigglytwigs. My URL is posted above in the details.

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