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Jenni's crowning touch for a New Year's party

December 31, 2009

My New Year's Resolution for the year of 2009:


In my heart of hearts, I do believe that it is a responsibility of me, as a human being, to have reverence for the Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Insta Tote Bags.jpgearth. My New Years Resolution is to change my habits to have more regard for my personal carbon footprint on the earth. I have already started by using reusable shopping bags­­ at the grocery store.(Personally, I love the leopard and plaid printed bags). You'll be amazed as to how much you can fit into those things and they are a lot easier to carry then the plastic bags. (We have several cute ones on our site) My next step will be to recycle the waste in my house (groan). Take the extra 20 minutes or whatever and sort out the recyclables and drop them off...


Which brings me to my blog project: Instead of throwing something away and buying new, why not "jazz up" something old? This project was super simple and turned out REALLY cute. I like to layer skinny headbands in my hair and decided to jazz it up for the new year. As long as you can safely use a hot glue gun I recommend this project for anyone. I simply cut some trim to perfectly fit the length of the headband and then hot glued it on. Pretty simple, really cute.

Thumbnail image for Hairbands.JPG 


You will need:


1. Headbands (or really anything with a  thin enough strap... Tank Top? Picture Frame? Purse? Bra Straps?) 2. Hot Glue Gun 3. Some of our GORGEOUS DESIGNER TRIM  ( I used HDDR-766, HDDR-756, &

HDDR-808). You might want to go through your trim box for remnants or check out our other designer trims for a special look. 


Have a safe and Happy New Years!




(Fabric.com Photographer)




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