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I've Got a Brand New Bag!

November 12, 2009

Jennybag1.JPG Last week I showed you the various looks of the Cool, Calm and Cowl-Neck top, a free pattern from the fabulous folks at Hot Patterns.  This week I tackled the Nomad Hobo Bag.  While I can't show you 3 different looks to dress this bag up or down, I can tell you that it is fantastically stylish and fantastically easy to make.  I already have at least 5 people who have either laid claim to it or have hinted that it would match their new pair of shoes...Bag.JPG

This pattern wasn't quite as simple as the cowl-neck top, but it was still a breeze.  From print to final stitch, it took me about 4 hours, but I included the optional pockets and did some extras that I wanted for myself (an extra pocket and some top-stitching).  Now that I have the pattern printed and cut and know how the bag is assembled, I could probably make it in 3 hours or less.



CK-891.jpgFor the outside of the back I used the Premium Faux Suede in Merlot for the outside and Alexander Henry's Nicoles Prints No Guts, No Glory Grey.  When I pick bag lining, I like to use cotton prints that are wild and fun but not something I would use everyday. 






If you are considering making this pattern but aren't quite sure what fabrics to use, I have a couple suggestions to get you started.  Don't forget, we've also created a section in Creativity Headquarters witheven more fabric suggestions for the outside of bag.  Please note, the first fabric pictured in the pair is the suggested outside, and the second is the lining.  The linings are all cotton prints.

UF-847L.JPG CK-300L.JPG 


























Lastly, I would go so far as to suggest that this pattern would be perfect for gifts.  The Nomad Hobo Bag is stylish and easily customized for each recipient but won't take you ages to make.  As I mentioned earlier, many people have hinted that they would like the one I made, and my mom seems to think she's getting it for Christmas.  Looks like I have some sewing to do...

Thanks to Jenny in Merchandising for modeling for me!

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Any directions on how to tape the pattern together. Making it can't be as difficult as getting an assembled pattern.

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