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Sweetest Day

October 9, 2009

Sweetest Day is always the 3rd Saturday in October, and is a sort of Valentine's Day for everyone else in your life.  Started in the early 1920's by candy companies (of course), Sweetest Day is mainly celebrated in the northern part of the United States and is a great day to do something special of the sweet people in your life. 

In honor of Sweetest Day, I am going to share some of the sweetest blogs and websites I know with our sweet readers.

Moda Bake Shop

This awesome blog from Moda features all sorts of simply decadent projects using Moda assortments.  From quilts to handbags to gift bags, you can spend hours scrolling through this scrumptious assortment of how-to's and crafts.  Make sure you check out our Moda fabric and Moda assortments so you can "bake" your own goods.


cake pops.jpg

This fun blog is full of sweet treats, ideas and inspiration of the confectionary kind.   Whether you need to make a special cake or adorable cookies, this blog has a wide variety of recipes that range from super simple to "who do you thin I am? Martha?" complicated.  There are plenty of ideas that would be great to do with kids, including Bakerella's signature recipe - the ever-so-versatile Cake Pop!

All Things Cupcake

all things cupcake.JPGAs this title implies, this blog celebrates everything and anything cupcake related.  If you need a good source for vegan cupcakes, you've struck gold.  For those of us trying to cut down on our sugar intake, this blog also features various handmade, cupcake-shaped goods, including jewelry, soaps, bath fizzies and knitted/crochetted figurines.  I was surprised to see how popular cupcake tattoos are.

Cake Wrecks

cakewrecks.JPGOkay, so this blog is the darker side of the confectionary world, but it is also one of my favorite blogs ever.  Cake Wrecks is dedicated to professional cakes that have gone "horribly, hillariously wrong."  Readers send in pictures of cakes from professional bakeries (home made decorators are off-limits) that are horribly designed.  Some cakes are the kind that you just pick up off the shelf, but some the best entries are from where a customer's request is interperreted in an unfortunate manner.  Every Sunday Cake Wrecks takes a breather from the very bad and spotlights the very good in their "Sunday Sweets" posts.

Before I leave you to this Sweetest Day, don't forget to check out some sweets we have at Fabric.com:

Sweet Cakes By Fabri-Quilt

Sweet Cakes Promo.jpg  







Sweet Treats by RJR Fabrics

Sweet Treats RJR.jpg 







Sweets and Treats by Timeless Treasures

sweets and treats tt.jpg 







Girl Sout Cookies

Girl Scouts Fabric Collection.jpg

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Those are some of my favorite sites too. I'm new to your blog and look forward to seeing more. :)

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