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The Fabric Maverick says... Here's Jenni!

August 18, 2009

Hello Fabric.com customers and bloggers! My name is Jenni and I joined the Fabric.com team in March as a temp and am now their in-house photographer and imager. I graduated in 2008 from the Art Institute of Atlanta with my graphic design degree and am a creative junkie.  I love photography, painting, drawing, crafts, cooking (not baking).... Pretty much anything that allows for creative intervention.


So as one would expect, not long after I joined the merchandising department, I pretty much became obsessed with fabric. Some of the fabric that comes through here literally takes my breath away.


Fabric is truly the perfect creative medium... I mean what can't you do with fabric?? My interest to become a sewer was a natural progression.  I got a sewing machine that used to be my grandmothers fixed (I'm sure Jenni 1.JPGeveryone in here would be able to tell you the model except for me).  I started sewing with Jennifer from customer service during my lunch breaks. Not only is Jenn sweet, patient, perfect, beautiful, smart and kind, (can you tell I love her) but she also is an advanced sewer and pattern maker.

Jennifer H.JPG 

In the beginning, I'm not going to lie; sewing a straight line was more than awkward.  My lead foot and anxiousness definitely got me acquainted with the "thread ripper-outer" However, now I am starting to get the swing of it. I have started to make cover-ups with hoods (I love hoods!) and am looking forward to re-doing the pillows on my couch and bed (they are in need of a makeover). I've been looking at different home decorating sites to get ideas. I mean who wants to pay for the labor attached to an item when you can make things EXACTLY how you want at home. Throughout all the hobbies I've had in my life, and believe me the list is never ending, sewing truly is the perfect one.  I think I am so attracted to it because it has a true place in everyday living unlike a painting on a canvas for example.


Sewing is the Perfect Hobby for me because....


#1 I love cute and original clothes

#2 I love to decorate and spruce up my apartment

#3 I love to give meaningful and insightful gifts to my friends and family

#4 I am very petite so altering is always good

#5 I hate spending a lot of money!



 Here is one of the projects Jennie and Jennifer have been working on:

Jenni work.JPG 

To be continued...




P.S. Jenni and Jennifer will be back next month with their ongoing sewing adventures.

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I hate to tell you, but you can cross #5 off your list. Yes, you can rationalize about saving money by doing your own sewing, however, you will now be hooked - a fabric, gadget, notion junky! Yes, that is the way it is - Sorry! :)


Haha! Yes. I am learning that very quickly! I am constantly ordering things the minute they hit the store. I am about to image a shipment of lace and buttons (that Ive been waiting to arrive for what seems like forever) Soooooo after that Ill put myself on fabric/gadget/notion "probation" for some clutter control.

I just moved and am setting up a sewing area in my apartment, So ill post pictures of my finished area when I finish in the next week or so (before it gets overloaded with all the things I am sure to collect)

Thanks for comment! :)



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