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The Fabric Maverick chats with Jennifer Paganelli...

July 9, 2009

jennifer.jpgIt will come as no surprise that I love to talk to designers. I stand in awe of their ability to translate their visions into fabric! It was a great treat to catch up with Jennifer Paganelli. I have always loved her fabric and I especially love "Dance With Me".

Fabric Maverick: "Have you always wanted to design fabric? How did you get started?

Jennifer: "I believe that I was destined to do this, it just makes sense. Everything in my life seemed to prepare me for this moment. Since very young I loved paper dolls and their clothing- how paper mimicked fabric. I'm an avid collector and I wound up in an industry selling woven fabrics to architects and designers. I was learning the trade and wanted so much to be a part of it all."

Fabric Maverick: "I think all of our customers can relate to collecting fabric.  Jennifer, how did Sis Boom come about? Is this only on the Internet or is this a brick and mortar store?"

Jennifer: "Sis Boom came about from a love of fabric, a collector for many years I just can't get enough. Recently while in Paris I was relieved that the dollar was somewhat worthless because I would have bought so much. I never saw anything quite like it. A guide took us to Tete, a place for everything fabric.. home dec, apparel.... I was in heaven! I've always loved color and I love how it works together. Mine is a very eclectic mix because I'm influenced in a very global way having grown up in the Virgin Islands with so much rich history- German, Dutch, French, Spanish all represented there. Sis Boom is located at 40 E. Meadow Rd, Wilton, CT 06897.

 Fabric Maverick: "That sounds so exciting. You have lived in so many different places. How has this influenced your work?"

Jennifer: "Yes, I have lived in different places and probably New York City with its cultural mixes from street markets to different spots in the city to buy fabric. From the D and D to Orchard Street to 38th Street to Broadway and So Ho, of course, where I rattled through so many archives of fabric."

Fabric Maverick: "It seems all that experience has paid off for you! Your designs translate into apparel as well as quilting. Do you plan on having a pattern line?"

Jennifer: "Yes, I have partnered with Carla Crim-The Scientific Seamtress-a very renowned and experienced pattern maker who is doing the patterns. We sell them on You Can Make This.com. We just launched the Women's and Children's Tunic pattern. Both are a big hit!!

Patricia Tunic.jpg Patricia II.jpgFabric Maverick: " Jennifer, this must be very exciting for you. Fabric.com wishes you a lot of luck.  Several designers have created a home dec weight fabric from some of their designs in twill or canvas. I have seen some of your fabrics used in chairs! Do you plan on doing that someday?"

Jennifer: "Home Dec weight is something I am interested in but I love how these lifestyle cottons make great clothing and I am pursuing that right now!  I like to call my upholstered pieces "eye candy". You are right they are not durable for high pedestrian areas but for a bedroom they work really well."

Fabric Maverick: "I haven't mentioned your family. How does your family influence your work? "

Jennifer: "My family supports me and over the years that's the one ingredient that has never failed. What I do is a passion and can sometimes take over the house, but they have always been so there for me!"

Fabric Maverick: " I know that I would like to see more of your designs in magazines! Is there anything in the works that I might see soon?"

Jennifer: "There's talks of some of these things being in magazines, but nothing has been finalized. I promise to announce things in my blog as they come up!"

Fabric Maverick: "That's great. I love reading your blog. By the way, I read recently that you backed into your husband's car. I must confess that I backed into my daughter's friend's car also. I was really embarassed. Fortunately there was no damage at all. It has taken me years to confess. You are not the only one!" I will be keeping up with your blogs. I would love to see more of your designs in print. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us."

 Here are some great pictures from Jennifer's website:

Jennifer Bedroon.jpg Jennifer chair.jpg

Jennifer horseblanket.jpgFor other lovers of Jennifer's look, we are currently carrying : Dance With Me, Pretty Please and Sis Boom Basics.

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I love your honesty!!! So many folks have shared about their car mishaps and I find it very comforting I must say. Thanks for sharing Sis Boom with your readers I so appreciate it. Thanks Victoria! Jennifer

Its good to see someone is also writing about this at this post other than me. But I don't agree 100%.

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