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Kitty Gum Drop Pillow

July 16, 2009

"Fat Cat" is a footstool hog, and he is always lazing around on my wicker footstool. He barely fits onto it but  it seems to be a favorite spot none the less, especially when it's time for me to sit and max1.jpgwatch a favorite show! That's when I came up with an idea - Nancy, the Gum Drop Pillow queen, always has a pillow or two in the works, and I thought they were really cute. I decided to make the large size - partly because it was about the same height as the footstool and partly to fit "Fat Cat." I also thought it would be cute to put his picture on top.

Well, the first attempt was just a little too rolly poly for him since I used the stuffing the pattern calls for, which made it too firm for him. That's when I got the idea of stuffing it with bean bag pellets. The most economical way to accomplish this was to purchase an inexpensive bean bag and take out the pellets, which is easier said than done.  You gotta love your pets when you have static cling and hundreds of pellets sticking to your body! I ended up pouring the pellets into a box and using a funnel made from lightweight cardboard to pour them directly into the gumdrop pillow form. When it seemed to be firm, yet squishy enough to spread out and fit a "Fat Cat," it was complete. He loves it!


max2.jpgThen came the real time test. After a few sniffs
and sideways glances he decided to give it a try.



Seems squishy enough for some kneading!


  Thumbnail image for max4.jpg

Ahh- settled in for a nap!
"Fat Cat" style!





Fabric used:

Anna's Drawing Room Shadow/Ivory

P. Kaufman Mambo Jungle Brown (out of stock)

Inkjet Computer Fabric/ White

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