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The Sewline Fabric Pencil

June 11, 2009

The Sewline Fabric Pencils are the best marking tools I have worked with. They work like a mechanical pencil, one click and it brings a new supply of ceramic lead for marking. The line is sharp and clear and you don't need to go over the line more than once to see the markings. It is marked true on the first go. The pencil carries its own ceramic lead refills in the barrel just like a regular mechanical pencil.

The marks are easily removed with water or the eraser that is on the end if the pencil. The marks stay until you are ready to remove them from your project. I think we all need to have this marker in our quilting and sewing tool box.

 If anyone has used this product, please let us know how it worked for you. victoria@fabric.com


Note: As usual, read all instructions included with this product. Do not press fabric with the marking. You will not be able to remove the marks.

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I used this sewline pencil to mark out a complete white work quilt, which I have hand quilted. it is now complete and looks fantastic except that I cannot remove the blue lines - what an awful waste. the work has never been ironed, I have tried the rubber eraser, tried soaking in cold water tried washing in a biological detergent - but still the lines remainand I am very annoyed. Does anyone have any ideas please.

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