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House Parts can be a part of your home!

June 4, 2009

House Parts is an Atlanta-based company with one foot in the past and the other in the future! They offer beautiful Drapery Hardware with an historical flair. The finials are cast from items purchased at flea markets from Portobello Road to Scott's Antique Market right here in Atlanta. The 2'' fluted poles are wood through and through, and the finials are cast in wood resin. The brackets are also wood with fluted accents, and they have fantastic hanging hardware. It's a simple little piece of metal you mount to the wall with screws that are included with the bracket. The bracket has two screws already attached that slide into the hardware you attached to the wall. It couldn't be easier!

House Parts Drapery Hardware.jpg

Now, let's talk about style. We have six different styles of finials ranging from tailored to over-the-top ornate. And, depending on your color choices, the ornate could become more understated and the tailored could become ornate. Create a cozy country look with the Sun-bleached Linen White, a warm white with a little bit of distress rubbed on (Arriving in June). Dress up a room with the elegance of Historical Gold, a low sheen gold with some age rubbed in. English Walnut and Antique Bronze are more traditional browns. English Walnut is a painted finish with warmth rubbed in. Antique bronze is a cooler brown finish.

Laurie, Nancy and I had the pleasure of a tour of the showroom and warehouse. They have been in business for over 25 years. They cast many kinds of products that can be found in some of the best home d├ęcor catalogs and retailers around the country. Our customer service team has had personal training with their staff in order to answer questions you may have while ordering House Parts Drapery Hardware. So, take a look up in your home. Would your window treatments look better on a better piece of drapery hardware?

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